Viral News Nigerian Guy Recounts How He Was Humilated at a Bank Over a...

Nigerian Guy Recounts How He Was Humilated at a Bank Over a White Man


A guy named Diji Aderogba who is also an actor took to Twitter to inform the world on how he was humiliated at a bank.

Diji revealed he was bullied by a security man for refusing to stand up for a white man.

Read his rants below.



  1. Oga Diji….Can you direct me to that bank and show me where I can find that security guard?…I mean is that security man crazy or what?..Your fellow Nigerian you are.humilating like that..In fact if THUNDER can be downloaded into someones life;I would gladly download 99 Gigabyte of UNLIMITED Thunder to fire you!!

  2. Inasmuch as I refuse to believe this particular story Because he didn’t mention the bank and the branch, I know It’s definitely a possibility. We Nigerians, or should I say Africans are worshippers of the white skin. Ecenter though slave trade ended hundreds of years ago, the PTSD is still with us generations after. Worse things happen in this country when it comes to “oyinbo “. Shame on us.

  3. Just imagine, what is our country turning into? So one can’t even be brave to say Nigeria is my country be accorded every respect I need as one. God help us

  4. Walahi I no go move, I go form deaf! If he tries nonsense I’ll talk sense into him, no time.

  5. De most annoying thing is not just de embarrassment buh where he was embarrassed. Imagine, in ur own country o by ur fellow countryman. Smh

  6. I just dont know why some Nigerians favour white men and despise their fellow Nigerians. Why will d security guard do something like this…. This is total inhuman. Becos there was a white man there doesnt mean u should humiliate ur fellow Nigerian like that…

  7. I don’t pray for such to happen to me but if it does, I will create a scene in that bank. They will have to fight me before I get up

  8. Hmmm… Not a new thing.. It happens everyday to nigerians who are not that lucky whenever they go to bank

  9. Bank security men and their mumu eye service all in a bid to collect bribe or tips.That’s the same way they will be hailing every customer as they step out of the banking hall like “Thanks for banking with us.Anything for the weekend???”This really calls for concern because I wonder if they will not leak important bank security secrets to robbers once they tip them.May God have mercy on bankers and we the bank users ooo

  10. Nigerians en. We always take the whites as our superior In everything. We need to change our mentality & appreciate our heritage


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