Art & Humour Nigerian bride breaks the Internet with her infectious smile as she weds…

Nigerian bride breaks the Internet with her infectious smile as she weds…


Nigerian bride Omoruku Ejiroghene breaks the Internet with her infectious smile

Love is a beautiful thing… And when you are getting married to the love of your life, it’s an adorable thing.

This beautiful bride OMORUKU EJIROGHENE, couldn’t hold her smile and laugh as she waled down the aisle with her husband, Itobore.

We will bring you more photos…



  1. Truely if see d way ladies smile on there wedding day d smile is indeed infectious

  2. Congratulations lovely princess……Your union shall be fruitful in Jesus Name. Please after this You need to Start Ketogenic Diet for a healthy Lifestyle. God bless you.

  3. And one stupid man somewhere is misbehaving jst because his used to be figure 8 wife couldn’t shed baby weight. Happy Married life wonderful couple…

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  5. GREAT dis is my first time seeing a fat lady on a wedding gown, sometimes I ask my self dis question don’t fat ladies do white wedding becos haven’t seen any, but thank God 4 u my sis, God bless ur marriage

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  7. And what makes people think plus size people can’t be loved? Hope you arrogant skinny people have seen, and she is genuinely happy, bless her.

  8. Dey must talk. But all dey can do is talk. Dey can’t stop u. Happy Married Life dear. Smile Away. No mind dem olofofo.

  9. Orobo na bad tin? Any body way no like am make e go die, no matter hw u be, wat u look like der is some1 out der dat luv u d way u are. Happy married life 2 u dear wish u all d gud tins in marriage .

  10. Wow, man I give u kudos bcs u like eating flesh not bone……U get big eyes oooo hpy ML

  11. Large and lovely, we all are beautiful and unique in our own way, we only need to b patience with God so He could bless us with that special one who would make us realize how beautiful we are just bcos he or she believes we are. Congrats. I wish u both a happy married life and may d love that brought u two together always keep u two.

  12. She is too fat…. She would keep farting everynight in bed until the man says a enough is a enough.

  13. being full sized aint a sin. the more d society try to mk us feel bad the more we should keep up a high esteem. i use to care n feel bad bfr buh now their nbad talksdoesnt move mountain cos i am beautifully and wondeerfully made by GOD. God bless ur union

  14. Chaiii no matter how bad you are you are of value ,cuz you can still be used as a bad example

  15. She did not create herself, God did she’s proud to be big,bold and beautiful bride….luv ur smiles

  16. beautiful..wen there’s true luv,there wil b no Excuse 4 any reason at al..a sign of thro luv!

  17. Her smile alone brightened my face not to talk of the joy she gives her husband…. Bless u lady

  18. So cute and lovely may the lord bless this union…Pls the man should never complaine abt size after child birth oooh….

  19. God bless your beautiful union… To all my big girls,let no one man or woman mk u sad, keep smiling

  20. May God grant u al desires of ur life! Indeed is ur turn 2 shine so move wel with ur wonderful husband. Though it may tarry but it much surely cm 2 pass, hapy marriage life my dear.

  21. Hmmm so lovely dear,congrate ejiro.sometimes when I see such picture on line I just smile.all thanks to God,cos she is some one I really know.God bless your Union dear.and I tap my from yours.

  22. And who is that the that say u are too fat for him.., There is always someone who will love u and cherish u no matter how fat or big u are.. I believe I will get my Mr right one day.

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  24. HML beautiful couple I wish you people God’s blessings, keto is knocking at d door fr u pls wlcm it. All d best in ur marriage.

  25. The problem our ladies and women have is that they are easily moved by what they hear.That man saying u are too fat,are they blind that they cannot notice is motherhood changes,they should better for her own it’s natural and u can’t change that fact .which solid food has ur husband given u that you’ve not eaten in ur parent house.please men stop putting our women under high jump,accept them the way they not all about the figure,shape or beauty but to have a peaceful woman with a good heart that is ready to stand with u till the test of time.

  26. Why my go . marrrried woman were is. To fat, obesity. Yr wife need to. Reduce. Fr. Her. Children not be fat. Is an advice

  27. No matter her size God still gave her own husband. Thank God 4u my sister, happy married life. i will not loss hope my will not pass this year.

  28. How are u sure say dis guy is not deceiving her or mayb after sometin dt she has coz men marry for diff reason.


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