General Nickelodeon character, Spongebob, educates Nigerian kids on clean environment

Nickelodeon character, Spongebob, educates Nigerian kids on clean environment


Cartoon character on Nickelodeon TV, Spongebob, was recently in Nigeria to meet with kids and the character used the opportunity to educate the Nigerian kids on clean environment.

The meet and greet session held at the Viacom Media Network office with several kids in attendance.

Spongebob is currently expected to help further educate Nigerian kids in association with the Lagos State Ministry of Environment in school and around the essence and need to always maintain and live in a clean environment at all times.

Speaking on the occasion, Viacom representative, Seun Oratokhai said, “Nickelodeon Africa has been around for 6years now, which is also part of Viacom Media Network Group and basically we have brought Dora the explorer to Nigeria in association with Access bank, we have a wide range of characters and so we have a partnership with Lagos State ministry of environment which ran a competition among schools in Lagos and awarded the best schools based on their environmental friendliness on October 21, 2013, so we decided to bring Spongebob to compliment the event.

“Our reasons for bringing Spongebob is to allow the Nigerian kids have a feel of their favourite character and see it first hand, relate with it and have a whole new experience. We are planning a whole lot for December and also 2014 where Spongebob would be actively involved and kids would have opportunities to experience Nickolodeon characters very well,” the kids and family specialist explained.

Continuing, Oratokhai said, “Access Bank used Dora the explorer for a kids savings account promo that they were running then and you would notice that Dora is educational and appeals to kids with ages from 4 to 5 and she’s very much into counting and exploring thereby educating kids, so that was why we brought Dora. Spongebob character lives under the sea, it leaves in a habitat which is important to be clean and because it was important for it to leave in a clean environment, it came as a good tie to the Lagos State Ministry of environment’s programme that dwells on clean environment. So we always look for synergy in anything we are doing. We look at the target of the brand to bring out our characters and the fantastic thing is that we have a wide range of characters to choose from.”


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