General New smartphone for kids to call home set to launch (Photos)

New smartphone for kids to call home set to launch (Photos)


Debuted at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, the Filip looks just like a watch but is actually a GPS tracker and limited-use smartphone geared for parents with young children. It can be programmed with up to five different phone numbers that a child can call by pressing a single button and it can also be configured, via a smartphone app, to receive incoming calls and text messages from a list of parental-approved contacts.

Combining GPS, WiFi and GSM technologies, the Filip also gives parents the precise location of their child at any given time. Available in a range of colors, it is also water-resistant. Although some parents may find the idea of essentially tagging their children more than a little uncomfortable, the device does offer a valid alternative to giving a child, particularly one younger than 12, their own mobile phone — a decision that comes with its own potential concerns such as cyber bullying, unsolicited approaches or, more commonly, huge monthly bills.


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