Editorials MUST READ :- Tricks Men Play: This Guy Faked Tears Just To...

MUST READ :- Tricks Men Play: This Guy Faked Tears Just To Get An Engaged Girl To Sleep With Him


mHow cool is this, please?

Written by Docii001

I was in the midst of some guys (all fresh doctors) and there was this particular guy who appeared to be the baddest and randiest (if there’s a word like that) of the flock.
He kept chirping about his escapades and apparently he had laid quite a number of girls in my city in just two months of his stay. They all came for a course so as to get accredited/licensed to practice their profession.

So he gave us stories upon stories, but the one that really caught my attention was the one about the lady who he cried for,  just to get her to bed.

She also came for the program, was young, engaged and very pretty. He said he got close enough to study her (he became a major part of her day), and by looking at all the angles there was no approach he could possibly use that would work.

So one day after going for lunch, as usual they went to her place and that is where he broke down in
tears telling her; how he felt about her, how beautiful and appealing she was and how it was killing him that he could not just be with her.
He said he cried so much mucus was running from his nose and at first she told him to stop that he did not know what he was saying but he persisted and put in some more lines expressing how she made him feel….
In the middle of everything, she got up thoroughly startled, entered the room but came out few minutes later and told him “just this once”.

The hatching and execution of this plan actually took all of two months, but he got the ‘prize’.

Now I actually feel it’s sick to play with anyone like that, but it’s a selfish world….what do you think?



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