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Motocyclist Killed in 155mph Crash At Race



An Italian motorcyclist has died after a high-speed crash during the opening lap of a World Supersport Championship race in Russia.

Andrea Antonelli reportedly suffered a head wound when he came off his bike at 155mph in torrential rain and was then hit by a fellow rider.

Kawasaki Go Eleven rider Antonelli, 25, was taken to the Moscow Raceway’s medical centre where he later died of his injuries

Officials called off the race, as well as the day’s headline World Superbike Championship event.

Russia’s federal investigative committee is looking into the accident.

A statement on the World Superbike Championship website said: “During today’s FIM World Supersport race, at 1.32pm Italian rider Andrea Antonelli (Team Go Eleven Kawasaki) suffered a serious accident on the straight between Turn 14 and Turn 15 wherein he sustained critical injuries.

“The race was stopped with the red flag and the rider was immediately taken to an ambulance where the medical staff worked to resuscitate him.

“Despite their efforts, Andrea sadly succumbed to his injuries at 2.10pm local time.

“Everyone involved in motorcycle championships extends its deepest condolences to Andrea’s family, friends, team and Italian Federation at this tragic loss.”

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