News Mother of the deceased NYSC corper in Kano shares sad story of...

Mother of the deceased NYSC corper in Kano shares sad story of how her daughter actually died


viv-tileMother of the deceased NYSC corper who died in Kano shared this hearth wrenching details of how her daughter died.

Read  Below.

You called me five hour to ur death and told me to start coming as the nysc doctors are not doing any tin for you they thought you were pretending u did not want to go for parade so they did not attend to u,wen u started callin people from home they eventually gave u an injection immediately after the injection u called ma again that you notice a lot of rashes on ur body that i should speak with the doctor who refuse to talk to me,u called five minutes later and told me your tongue is twisting they sent all ur friends out after seeng all the reaction on ur body after giving u the unknown injection,u z we should ask for flight and i called immediatel they told me Abuja flight is Mon,wed &Fri.I told u to tell anybody in the clinic dat am a nurse they should allow me to speak to them a male nurse took phone from u and told me u are having anaphylactic reaction and they will watch you for just one our and transfer u to aminu kano teaching hospital but alas they did not transfer you untill 5hours later wen they notice u are restless and calling people at home,boarded a bus going to kano with ur sister oladepo Kemisola Oladepo to come pick you from there,I begged them to take you to a teaching hospital around but they took you to General hospital gwazo where they have notin or little care to render,they took ur phone from you claiming u are not resting, from that 5’pm I could not talk to you,I took a 16 hours journey to make sure I get to you,but I was called Around 3am dat you gave up,without any doctor in the hospital to assist you the only nurse on duty told me she tried her best,her best of staying beside you wen death was taking you away cos there was notin to use,from that 3am till I got to kano I was hoping it will only be a mix up somewhere it can’t be you,got to kano and met you at aminu kano mortuary,alas it was you being put in dat cold place.Amokkkkkeeeeeeeeee Mi you couldn’t withstand the agony,NYSC succesfull cut your destiny due to negligence. REST ON OUR QUEEN,if you are opportuned to come back to the world pls coma as my daughter.ADIEU Oladepo Ifedolapo AMOkE MI

She has since been buried. May her soul Rest In Peace.

The post as at time of publishing had gathered over 5000 comments and 1,500 shares. May God console her parents in the best possible way.

  1. Nigeria is just a lawless country, no care for human lives, how on earth will they think she’s pretending. See the way they just wasted her precious life. Nigeria indeed is a zoo. All lives matters!!!

  2. Dey really need to be jailed….God will judge them all, both people dat wia in d position 2 help and didn’t…rip

  3. Wot is goin on wit dis idiot people dey cal doctors in dat camp, wot is deir wrk infact am tired of dis country

  4. Rip….nysc camp doctors should not take students for granted…. See how this girls life has been wasted… They should use dis to teach others a big lesson… Nysc doctors my foot…rubbish…. Nne rest in peace

  5. What a sad story. oh God am short of word’s. anyway may God almighty Grant her internal rest.

  6. Hmmmmm. Dis is so heart breaking. Rip nd may d lord grant ur family d fortitude to bear d loss

  7. May her soul rest in perfect peace, infact when i read this i cant hold my tears …..those doctor at d camp they are also a corper….. in d camp they dont hv believe in any coper ….so sad

  8. All the perpetrators should brought to the justice for proper investigation!! Thank God am Biafran

  9. Wat a sad nd sorrowful story,wen is almost time for her mother 2 be enjoyin her labour,wat a pity,may God consult her

  10. Wonders shall never end, Niger and dere fucking NySC scheme sucks , do dey do dis stuff in abroad , Were dey have more standard Education?

  11. soooo sad and painful!!!! R.I.P dear and may God give ur family d fortitude to bear d irreparable loss….

  12. …i dnt believe dis story,she b first class graduate bt she dosen’t knw her right,she’s would ve insisted not going to d parade. May d good lord accept her soul,rest in peace.

  13. Despite I don’t know u, I cried for ur mother, after reading d story. My eyes were filled with water, to d extend that my daughter asked me whether i know you I said no, but can only feel the pain of MOTHER WOOD, o canfeel d pain Frm pregnancy to child birth to……………… Hmmmmm rest on girl

  14. May the Almighty God console the parents while she rest in perfect peace…’s well!

  15. This is so painful I can’t imagine how the mother will be feeling right now Nigerian doctors and nurses are so so heartless they see people as goat or any other animal may God help us

    • Its ok to be angry sis amarachi, its painful what they did to this very beautiful young lady, but pls dont allow your anger, mk u say all are heartless, there are still God ones

  16. This is so heart breaking,tears rolling down. Ignorance is really a disease.Rest in d bosom of the lord

  17. All d idiots in dat Camp need to b jail so dat others can learn bc we no wat happen is destiny bt de ar also careless, stupid people is it a most dat a copper go for parade ad if she is a big don daughter they wil b running helter,scarter wicked human beings God wil judge dem. Ma hard luck God wil grant u d fortune to bear d lost

  18. Rest on girl,may u see solace in d eyes of ur creator.U ar dead all in d name of obeying d clarions call.May d lord give ur families and friends the fortitude to bear d great loss.

  19. Hmmmmmm!!!!! What a painful death, those doctors n nurses has to be sanctions, they have to withdraw their certificate, why toy with human life

  20. This is painful. May God console your mum and the entire family. So sad. God in HIS infinite Mercy will grant them the fortitude to bear this irreparable great loss in the family and community. RIP.

  21. Though I do not know you But as a Mother, I pray Our Good Alpha and Omega will console your Mother, and SHE WILL NEVER KNOW SORROW AGAIN IN HER LIFE IJN. RIP

  22. U wil see dem parading wit so much pride an ego so call student doctors…wen I was in d camp I was also on d bed to take a rest my dear rest ke wen d whole clinic was like a market square I was wondering if dis so call medical people actually graduated or something is wrong somewhere……..

  23. These are the kind of doctors Nigeria universities are producing. Some of them don’t know anything, they work their way through nd start killing people. Nd if you see them in camp, they will be doing as if no one is up to them. God save us…

  24. Rest in peace,buh I support strongly that those idiot and heartless doctors should be dealt with

  25. What a life. I always wonder why they do not have interest in human lives and yet they call them doctors. These govt medical people can be so carlous. Oh Jesus. So this young lady is gone due to negligence. Oh may heaven fight and answer them.

  26. So bad,i think they should be a qualified practicing doctors in camps not just corpers that are doctors.This i believe will save many lives.

  27. Chaii…sooo sad nd heart broking…those idiots needs to be jailed…how can they toy wid human health….may her gentle soul rest in d bossom of d lord..amen

  28. Oh my goodness what I my seeing here is this real, may her soul rest in the blossom of the lord. Amen.

  29. Hmmmmm dis NYSC sef na by force?it has just sent dis innocent lady to her early grave without achieving it’s purpose. May you find rest at the Bossom of the LORD rest in peace.

  30. My fellow corps member i feel so sad becos of ur death, i know how stressful this camp is, in all u could not make it, please may ur soul rest in perfect peace. Amen

  31. No health care system in d country, Doctors n nurses doing deir own stuff, d government is there doing their own stuff, who suffers it, d masses. This death could have been avoided, RIP to d diseased, no mother should bury their child not talk of after training her through university, dis is just too sad

  32. Wat a wicked world we are living in .may her soul rest in peace in JESUS name amen .


  34. I think nysc should be scrap if the life’s of d corps r nothing to them. nysc doctors my foot. R they dia just to collect money n relaxed? They wasted d life of a young girl. May her soul rest in peace. Adieu

  35. I just wish NYSC officials could take the life of the Corp members serious. How many lives will waste before they understand that every NYSC Orientation camps need standard hospital with qualified doctors. After spending four years plus in institution successfully, all to die during the one year serving. A lady also bleed and died here in bayelsa orientation camp I think yesterday, now Kano also. It hurt. RIP

  36. speechless but all I pray is that God in his infinite mercy will grant your gentle soul in Pease,Adieu AmokeMi

  37. after d years of training her from secondary school to university after d stress of university she got to final year and graduated and now to serve her country and now this ahhh what a life

  38. I’m speechless wat a wicked world. How can a mother go through such a pain cos of negligent doctors. They need to be punish. Wicked n heartless people. God punish u all. I sympathise with u mama. May ur daughters soul RIP

  39. Not just to her family but to us all because we are human It’s only God that will console us and handle the situation a hand Rip dear

  40. despite dat i dnt knw u buh i cried 4 u bcoz i tink if u r my 6ter nko buh ntin 2 du bcoz Allah luv more dan us i even sowi 4 ur family especally ur mum plzzzzz mum take heart oooooo

  41. I dey vexxxx… Just take a look at d video look at how d whole family was carring just because dey thought she was pretendin…. Gov!!!…. Pls you guys should hold her killers oh…. May her soul rest in peace #Amen!!!!!!!!!

  42. In as much as there is no human sympathy in Nigeria, Nigeria has expired and will never come back to life again!

  43. This is nothing but negligence. Sometimes I wonder what will become of our medical doctors 10years from now. It is quite unfortunate that she died this way. May the soul of the departed rest in peace and may the Lord grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss.

  44. I’m speechless , what a country we are .God will judge those fake doc that parade themselves as doctors… rest in peace dear.

  45. This is arant nonsense! Why should humans be treated like termites all in d name of orientation. This so painful! I’m Jst in my part 2 believe i’m already tired of schooling the stress,exam and test tension,fear of not carrying a course,e.t.c,now here she is…..infact i’m in short of words. It’s actually painful to be candid. Adieu dear……

  46. Oh my God I cant believe this I dont know u but m crying ryt now!!!! After reading wat ur mum said tears roll down my eyes I 1da how ur mum nd the entire family re feeling all I have to say this is a premature death had it been those so called docotors or nurses took good care of u, u wouldnt have gone I wish there was notin like death but God knws why we love u but God loves u most nd 4 those winches nd wizard called doctors let them live on earth till jesus come ur God will jugde [email protected] dear from the buttom of my heart I say sorry to her family nd relatives! !!!take heart

  47. God is time to fight for poor masses, how many times did our governors n senators sick n they were taken to general hospital, coz they know what they re doing, ordinary headache they will fly abroad, lord its time their plane will be crashing so dat they will equip our hospital with instruments and qualify doctors there, see carelessness, how many people do they created? Y wasting life, My dear RIP, Bad government, Bad economy, Bad leaders, Bad n corrupt soldiers in d camp

  48. It’s a sad news and we pray God consoles the mother. I think the Senate should review the NYSC scheme and scrap it off or make every student/department go for a compulsory 6months Internship before graduating so the students can add more value to their life instead of risking our lives in an unknown land during our NYSC.


  50. so sad to say….may her soul R.I.P…God’s strength for her mum to bear the loss….

  51. What I don’t understand is why she allowed them put that cloth bearing the God-forsaken insignia or is it badge of that clueless and pointless Nysc! Rubbish, something that should have been scrapped years ago!

  52. What a sad story, all in d name of serving ur motherland. May ur soul rest in peace.

  53. can’t withstand this tears !!!! may the almighty gv ur mother the hrt to bear ur lost!! Rip copper sure!!!!!!

  54. What’s the essence of all these NYSC strenuous camp activities, y not jox give dem d orientation n then deploy dem to dia various ppa… Guess you wouldn’t have died…. Mummy take Hrt… May God give you n d entire family members d fortitude to bear this irreparable loss……RIP dearly beloved corp member….

  55. Nigeria oo!…just like that!OMG!….those nysc so called doctors watch d wrath of God!May your soul rest in perfect peace!…..May grant your mum d fortitude to bear this huge loss!Amen

  56. Oh my God If it will be possibly let the government stop thus NYC of a thing because they are dieing every thing in that Northern side, well ma God will help u because HE knows the best don’t cry it is well I pray God to strength u and evil will not reach others of ur children in Jesus name Amen

  57. May ur mother never experience such again in life. May ur soul rest in peace. Painful bt it’s God’s love…we loved u bt God loves u most. Good nite.

  58. Her blood is on their hands……….and they will continue to live with their conscience knowing that they could have saved her but they “REFUSED” to do so

  59. government should scrape this so caalled nysc program that yields nothing for students, wen students with no knowledge of teaching in secondary sch will be sent to be teaching. RIP

  60. Its sad thing for.a moda to lose her daughter after all d.upbringings may.ur.soul ripp.

  61. I dont know you but have felling for you, from primary ,secondary,university,and also to serve your father land , dead u are wicked what a sad, fustated life may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace rip

  62. See as death lay this damsel so low…. Haaaa koni dafun Iku! Oluwa shanu wa. #Rip


  64. Eiyaa so painful, look at ,a mother expecting her daughter to be back as a graduate,only to see de dead body of her daughter with dis story attatched to it.Is dis a part of the CHANGE. Pretty RIP nd Mum take heart

  65. I tout doctors nd nurses r meant 2 protect lives? bt dy r nt, very wicked nd heartles set of human ocupation.. hmmmm it so painful 2 buri ur own child, imagin almost don wit her educational career. may ur soul rest in bosom of d Lord.

  66. Is parade by force? Nigerians just take little opportunity so far because of one small position.

  67. Government should warn all these nysc officials to stop forcing people to parade ground. It shouldn’t be by force after all they are not going to be given jobs in the military and many will still end up not having jobs, so why die for Nigeria?

  68. RIP my for uuu is dat may ur soul rest in peace. ……… heaven will be advantage. …..may GOd be with her mother……… Nigeria in not worthy country

  69. Insult, what concern parade with student serving. Is it a millitary? Govt should do some thing about dat. Make her geting soul rest in peace, and her blood forstrate all dose odiots nysc doctor’s, but lord u no d best for her mother, wipe her tears and make her stant ferm. It is well.

  70. And yet they call dem selves life-savers,she slipped away ryt in front of their eyes and yet they didn’t try to do anything,my eyes are filled with tears,she didn’t know she was taking care of u just for her to bury u,pls take heart mother and try to be strong

  71. And yet they call dem selves life-savers,she slipped away ryt in front of their eyes and yet they didn’t try to do anything,my eyes are filled with tears,she didn’t know she was taking care of u just for her to bury u,pls take heart mother and try to be strong

  72. I dont know u bt my heart bleeds i was sheeding tears while writing these after so much struggle to make it in life u just ended d journey witout reaching ur destination

  73. Funny enough, the NYSC, always? taking good care of this doctors than the other members of Corpers as if others are not important, after all every body cannot be medical DOCTOR, MEDICAL DOCTOR can not function well with out other professions. Madam the Lord Almighty will consol you is very painful, sorry for the great lost

  74. How can a trained doctor speak like an illiterate, we just need to do something about our mentality. May your soul rest in peace.