Art & Humour Meet the Slim and Hot Ibadan Girl Driving People Crazy on Social...

Meet the Slim and Hot Ibadan Girl Driving People Crazy on Social Media


This is an aberration to the usual. Its not all about being curvy all the time or being massive at some strategic parts of the body, being flexible, slim and energetic counts too.

Taiwo Idowu self-styled Slim Teezy is one of the budding socialites in the largest city in West Africa, Ibadan.

The young and agile damsel is lively and has a passion to enjoy life to the fullest. She has a strong passion for attending social events as seen on her Instagram page and she is an amazing dancer. Despite her slim body size, she twerks better than some of the curvy ladies littering social media with their adult photos.

Miss Idowu is a known face in popular nightclubs in Oyo State where she comfortably smokes her ‘Shisha’ with so much passion as she rocks body-revealing clothes. She is a great lover of Wizkid and has twerked breathtakingly to some of his dance tracks.

Reports have it that she is heavily coveted by men who love them slim and portable.

Check out more photos of Miss Taiwo:

  1. Is she weed or kukuye or India helm…. Abi she’s hot water that sum1 mistakenly deep hand into… Dats wen u can go crazy when I don’t see cold water around to deep your hand into. Lol

  2. Am even more curvier than she is and yet i cant say people are crazy about me!! what is driving them crazy guys

  3. Now tell me the truth, don’t lie.. How much did she pay you for this stupid and useless publicity stunt? Rubbish.. We complain most girls behave stupid whereas you guys are the one giving them fake stupid fame and encouragement. “A passion to attend night parties” Wonderful…!!

  4. She need to get a driving license,Because the way she is driving people crazy can kill somebody

  5. Since 1892 nai I know say cheap tin dey move market. How she no go drive person crazy See her face like “Monkey wey lick lime”

  6. Iya!!! Is DAT d reason y u don’t av clothes to wear!!! U want us to know DAT slim bodies count too but u can only show DAT with tight clothes.. And not dis nakedness

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  8. Hot!!! Now I meet her nothing move instead I look like imbecile… Is she om material or sex tools. I can be moved if she’s om materials

  9. Na Ibadan ooo so no b Lagos or other states,mayb na one village 4 Ibadan n she turned champion.. But she’s OK n she doesn’t drive me madantin

  10. Hummmm nawa ooooo biko go n sleep ugly dog.. Nobe say u fine. Nobe say ur cuve pas my own. Mmiittttshhh THNK GOD SHE IS FROM IBADAN AM NOT SURPRISE.

  11. Driving people crazy kwa? Who and who is she driving crazy because I know my brothers are not among

  12. Yea in Ibadan right?.. Isorite.. Oya come O’town.. Come see babies.. Hahahha but u fine sha.. Me I d tok true…

  13. Taaaa I don’t see anything special in her she don’t even have cloth to wear useless being

  14. This is the same reason why there are more men millionaire than women. Too occupied with stupid stuff…

  15. My sista ur face is too awkward,tlk more of d ugly body sex,u beta drive urslf crazy ooo,or ur ancestors