Viral News Meet This Female Student Cobbler, Anastasia Uzodimma…

Meet This Female Student Cobbler, Anastasia Uzodimma…


Traditionally, men rule the startup world. Particularly when it comes to technology and Handcraft startups. However, an increasing number of women entrepreneurs are driving business innovation in the emerging markets.

Such is the case of this beautiful young lady, Anastasia Uzodimma, is a student from Imo State, who makes both men and women’s shoes, to make ends meet.

See photos from her finished works…

Uzodima can be reached on Facebook as Anastasia Uzodimma, or via mobile on 09069567754 09059889347.

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  1. God bless your hustle…. Shout out to all ladies out there, that hostel with their leg close

  2. Very motivating. We need more people like this. It shows that you don’t need to be a runz girl that go to school. There are so many things you can do.

  3. My dear God bless you for doing that to help yourseif than moving from one man’s house to another for them to use you.

  4. So she is a cobbler because she is beautiful abi?But if na ‘aboki’ or one ugly person una go call am ‘shoe-maker’.

  5. Her number or email please, anyone. Talented people who can work with their hands and brains are needed in Germany….not Dumb asses with glorified certificates and no talent in anything what so ever.


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