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Meet This Bayelsa Girl Who Drives “Keke Napep” To Raise Money For Her Education



26 year old Peace Orukari is from Kalama compound, Sabageria, a Community in Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

She drives tricycle a.k.a ‘Keke’ to raise money for her education. The young entrepreneur entered into the business due to how tough life has been for her and her family.

Peace had struggled to finish secondary school selling recharge cards and hawking oranges.

Speaking to BodmasNews, Peace says that she still lives with her parents and her younger ones and since she went into entrepreneurship, life has been more easy for them.

When asked what pushed her into all of this, she explained that while in secondary school, there were challenges of finance to register for WAEC and other fees, she then went to some big politicians she knew as community leaders then, but they demanded sex before they could help her.

Seeing that she could not stoop herself so low, she began hawking oranges and selling recharge cards which she did for about five years, supporting her family with it.

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The income was not still enough as she also wanted to further her eduction to the university, Peace then met one of her customers who buys cards from her, a keke driver, and pleaded with him to teach her.

At first he was reluctant but he later did.

After she had learnt, she then made moves to get a “KEKE” where she could submit returns after use, which she did and since then, has been driving it.

She further narrated that driving the “KEKE” has helped improve their conditions, her younger ones were now comfortable, they could pay their rent without difficulty and she was also saving for her education.

When Bodmasnews asked Peace Orukari about her challenges driving the keke, her reply was that she needed funds to get her own Keke. Apart from that, she had no other challenges.

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