General Meet 9 Nigerian Celebrity Children Whose Fashion Sense Are Iconic

Meet 9 Nigerian Celebrity Children Whose Fashion Sense Are Iconic


Fashion is an integral part of our everyday lives, and our celebrities are known to spend a fortune of their earnings to look stylish.

While we have a number of celebrities who are fashionistas, some of their children who step out looking good can’t be overlooked.

Hence, we bring you the list of the top celebrity children whose style game is on fleek. Without further ado, come along with us as we take a peep at the top 9, in no particular order.

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1. Michelle Gentry

Beautiful daughter of actress Mercy Aigbe is rated as one of the most dressed celebrity teens in the country today and the only teenager that makes this list.

The teen beauty steps out with her mom looking very stylish at all times.




  1. Trying some thing new wouldn’t be a bad idea right? Well since u are not going to pay money by clicking this site, why not give it a try, no harm in trying.

    • It is a Yoruba Name what is there that you can no pronounce? Olajuwon Gentry..

  2. She is more beautiful than her mother guess she looks like her father or even the combination of both.

  3. Hapy new success month all my friend may god bless and guid every body for he or her way goin in&coming out and bussines ,work,office in might name of jesus

  4. what fashion sense does he have,it sickens me seeing people turning to internet trolls,do better things here stop making fuss about other people’s lifestyle,this looks like a borrowed poseand nothing more.

  5. She is a child, beautiful as she is. Don’t compare her to her mum, you have to wait till she starts to bleach too before you can compare them both.

  6. u luk lyk angle as u born in sweet moment can u imagine that God gived u everything that why u luk lyk angle gal.

  7. Lolzzzz………..una no go kill person for here………..hahahaha,see sexy mama big


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