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“Many Nollywood Actors Are Mediocres”- Editor, Jude Legemah Reveals



In an Interview with Movie Producer/Editor, Jude Legemah laments that there are lots of mediocres in the Nollywood Industry but few talented ones.

When asked how he copes with actors incompetencies, he said

” If I should rate it per percentage, it should be 95%. It happens all the time; where actors miss their lines, forget their continuity, etc these are part of the job we do on post production. In some instances you will notice that the actor you contracted to be in your movie is not confident enough to play the role. During auditions, they do well but once they stand in front of the camera, lights, the director calls action, they will not be able to deliver. Now, the only way out in this situation is to shoot the scene in bits, which is more work for the Editor. Don’t get me wrong, we have a lot of amazing Actors and Actresses in Nollywood but we still have many of them that are mediocres.”

The talented and passionate filmmaker who has handled a lot of cinema quality Nollywood blockbuster movies and revealed a long list of titles he is currently busy with such as “Dream Fever”, “Okoro The Prince”, “Benevolence”, “What Just Happened”, “Christmas Is Coming”, “Drive”, “Blind Spot”, “Not Enough”, “A Star In Heaven”, “Breathless”, “30 Pieces Of Silver”, “When Marriage Sucks”, “Middle Of Nowhere”, “London Fever”, etc.

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