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Man Professes Love For Bobrisky On IG- “I Love Bobrisky, I want to marry him… he is my soulmate..”


Uncle King Joro has shared a story of a man who is based in the US who says he is heads over heels in love with popular controversial cross-dresser, Bobrisky.

According to the unnamed man, he works with America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and lives in the USA, but that he frequents Nigeria a lot.

He went on to reveal that he is in love with Bobrisky and really wants to marry the man. He even said he wants to bring Bobrisky with him to the USA.

“I’m Prettier Than 70% Of Nigerian Women, What Has Your B**bs & P*ssy Given You _ Bobrisky Brags

“I’m addicted to his snapchat, the way he whine his waist my God! my d-ck hard” He wrote in an email sent to Joro Olumofin.

Read below:

  1. Please, coman marry him, we dash you free of charge. At least, you’ll be doing us a Favour of getting rid of a nuisance and total idiot

  2. Does he not dress appealing enough for men? The make up and all?? Sooner or later it is bound to happen…

  3. If the bill that was passed on gay is effective, this guy ought to be in jail by now, , he is disturbing this nation, we already have enough to think about. This guy should be arrested and put to jail for life

  4. I know someone will just trick this guy with marriage proposal and use him for money rituals one day.

  5. Hahaha..he’s acting gay.. He should be handled immediately so that other guys don’t emulate his character

  6. WHR the law enforcement agency? To arrest the things from Sodom and gomoria ,or HV they forgotten that Nigeria HV to such place for gay?

  7. Y won’t a man ask for his hand in marriage when the person in question appear like a woman with heavy make up and women wear mutcheeee the gay guy and him are birds of same feather.

  8. This idiot should be locked up in jail till he get impregnated before he will be release. Stupid local breed