News Man kills himself and his wife after they allegedly tested HIV positive

Man kills himself and his wife after they allegedly tested HIV positive


According to the police,  it is suspected that the man who took his entire family members for HIV test on January 24th, 2017, shot his wife and killed himself after he found out they were both HIV positive.

The man however left a handwritten will, leaving his belongings and money for his children.

See the will above…

The photos are too gory to be displayed…



  1. *Issokay!!..HIV Na im you kill una sef so!.Well let me remind you that HELL is having a celebration at the moment!!

    • My dear some wonders will end when people learn to take charge over their lifes, not by takin it, with healthy life style one can still live for a long time. People are just so filled with fear, and mindin what people will say.

  2. HIV is a very dreaded disease that even though it now has a somehow remedy, people still fear it more than cancer, well i reject both in Jesus name.

  3. Very bad that is not end of the world for them there are some vaccine that should take to extend there life on earth so but are the going to make heaven

  4. This is madness having HIV dosent mean its the end of the world, some just take actions witout thinking

  5. is it right for dem to kill their selves cuz dey hv HIV aids,dey only made tins worst for dem selves by doing dat

  6. Its not the best of character, i prefer to have HIV, THAN CANCER, its not the end of the world though, what a foolish way of life, by committin suicide.

    • My dear i won’t but some people just take unnecessary risk just to prove a useless point, suicide has never solve issues like this, one can still live their lives well with those ailments

    • You must be very carin, thanks, but hard times is not the end of life, my life is precious to me, and i can’t end it because am down with any deadly ailments

    • My dear some day it will be just like other ailment we all known it to be, am livin for the best, and expectin the worst, people should learn to face their wort fears

  7. Nonesense thats not the end of the world, he commited suicide nd God will punish him for taking his life

  8. Chai, Hiv is not the end of the world,he shouldn’t have killed himself and his wife but Rip though

  9. So he thought that after killing himself, he will make heaven. HIV is not the end of the world, man. I’ve seen and heard stories of people who are saved from this deadly disease. So why will ur own case be different? Killing urself is the biggest mistake u have ever made….

  10. But dis pix look like guys shot by gun n even on police patrol van… Anyway they both av concluded that no reason for living again. That why they take that act

  11. Many commenters here are saying being HIV positive is not the end of the world as if it is easy but they fail to realize that when it comes to one’s HIV status,ignorance is bliss.

  12. See madness. Black people are still wallowing in ignorance. Just imagine, how they’ve been wasted. RIP to them!

  13. So bross because u got HIV and ur wife follow u 4 back that’s y u took the law into ur hands…go well..and enjoy ur stay…at where ever u find ur self…

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  15. I think killing himself and the wife aren’t the best option… We have people living with HIV and a times they seem to be the happiest people…..coz they are on drugs… Don’t allow your emotions and situations to control you rather control them Now that he has committed suicide and murder….what will he tell God?

  16. Fist nd foremost been positive to HIV virus , can b very traumatic and could cause psychological problem, leading to d thought of suicide for some individual, that,s why counselling is needed b4 d test is conducted and after d test is conducted, that,s when an individual test positive to d virus, but in most cases u find out that proper counselling is not done in various places where this test is bin conducted,that’s employing a real psychologist and counselor for such purposes . Secondly people still attach strong notion nd stigma to those living with d virus, even @ dis Time… where bin on drugs and taking ur drugs fully could help with living well. Many countries are yet to sensitize and emphact knowledge to the populace on the virus and how to live positive with it ,hence d tragedies we r witnessing due to discovery of d virus. Let d people know that HIV is not a death sentence, as u can lead a normal life with d virus.And the fact that there are life threatening sickness out there , like cancer, Hepatitis,which people don’t attach stigma to,like those living with d HIV virus. So much more is needed to be done in the aspect of counselling and sensitization ,so to avert this type of tragedies. Thirdly there is also need to educate people to live morally right, to avoid casual sex , and if they most do it use a condom..

  17. Y should he is DAT d end of life human wit dere mentally he it was even a wrong one well rest in peace

  18. The best thing in life is to trust God and live ur life like a baby who does’nt knw 2morow.

  19. Why didn’t he kill himself alone and leave the woman alone? Did she tell him dat she wants to die?

  20. In d hospital today a man cried out to God to safe his life from heart disease but instead infect him with HIV so DAT he can at least live to see his children bcum great and u kill urself becos u had HIV hmmmmmmm pls as u r going to hell pls close and lock d door behind u so DAT other can b diverted to heaven idiot

  21. Well they shouldn’t have done that, HIV have cure except when its aids because aids don’t have cure but HIV have cure

  22. Someone need to teach about this virus, the fear of HIV make people do all sort of stupid things….the doctors should tell their patients aw to take care of himself/herself not to install fear In him/her

  23. My anger is that some people with this HIV re so wicked that they no that they have it and they re sharing it every were very bad.

  24. During my secondary school days,there’s a social club called Anti-Aids club. Even as students we were encouraged to campaign about the virus at all times and also go for seminars.These is Ignorance at its highest level. Information is the key……so sad that this happened.Govt should ensure that information gets to every nook and crannies of the society.

  25. Why taken your live and that of your wife? Are you people the only one in Nigeria with HIV? Am sure God will ask you these questions. Go wherever God wants you to go.


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