Art & Humour Man Faints After Receiving N10million Cheque He Won In Promo

Man Faints After Receiving N10million Cheque He Won In Promo


A young man who resides in Awka, Chinonso Ikezulumba, won N10million in an ongoing Airtel promo and fainted during the cheque presentation.

According to Joseph Akelicious who shared the story yesterday, when Chinonso was invited to the firm’s Awka office to pick up his cheque, he thought everything was just ‘story’ until the Airtel guys brought out both the dummy and real cheque.

Chinonso fainted but came to after some minutes.

He said that he is a petty fashion goods trader at Nnewi but that his business has since collapsed. He had prayed to God over the Christmas to give him N10M to start his business again and just like that, the money came via Airtel promo.

He was accompanied to the Airtel office by his mother and two sisters and said he plans to get married in May, and that he had already planned it before the Airtel windfall.

  1. Lord please I need a miracle FAINTING in my life this year.The fainting that no one has ever fainted,not hunger fainting or Calabar sex fainting but this kain fainting

  2. MY PEOPLE when JOY don too much..YOU no go remember say U GET AN ORGAN WHICH IS YOUR HEART AND WHICH HAS A VERY LIMITED LEVEL OF TAKING AND PUMPING TOO MUCH BLOOD AS A RESULT OF OVEREXCITEMENT,EXTREME HAPPINESS that might result in your heart beating fast at an incredible speed or rate!!.It takes the grace of God for some people not to die as a result of their heart being stimulated by virtue of EXTREME HAPPINESS at something pleasant…*ISSORAIT na on top PESIN FAINT on top HAPPINESS na im I write speech wey you sef dey read abi?!..EHNN I SAY TO YOU THAT YOU WILL experience DOUBLE FOLDS OF FAINTING when a GOOD NEWS THAT IS BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION HAPPENS TO YOU!!..*Oya Shout the loudest AMEEEN!!

  3. I don’t blame him oh. I mean, this is a totally out of the world experience. 10 million no be joke oh.

    • Lol i jst remember one papa ajasko wey pa james faint after he win one million the motion of the fainting no gt part 2

  4. What did u expect… Seeing d text that he won didn’t believe, get a call to come for d cheque still don’t believe now he was handed d cheque what did u expect than to faint….