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Man Disguises Self As A Dancing Guard To Propose To His Girlfriend In A Shopping Centre



A gentleman decided to make a song and dance out his wedding proposal by calling on the help of a flash mob as he got down on one knee.


Sarah Cronin was enjoying coffee with a friend when dancers suddenly sprang to life in a synchronised routine to Marry Me by Bruno Mars, at the Runcorn Shopping Centre in Cheshire.


Shocked Sarah was bemused by the spontaneous showcase, but was even more flabbergasted when she spotted partner Jay Timms dancing over to her table.

Jay, dressed as a security guard in a red jacket, and wearing a wig, then dropped to one one knee and proposed in front of 300 shocked shoppers.

Sarah said:

‘I’m still in shock. I kept looking round seeing all these faces of people I knew wondering what they are all doing here.

‘I even saw by best friend from school who I’ve known since I was eight.’

Recalling the moment the music started, Sarah explained she was astonished to be surrounded by dancers.

She said:

‘The girl cleaning my table started dancing. ‘Then I saw Jay in a daft, stupid wig and he gestured to me to come over. I was crying.’


Jay had been planning the proposal for three months but learnt the routine with the dancers just two hours before performing.

He said:

‘I saw an American version on YouTube. A friend choreographed it for me and has been secretly sending me videos. It was bizarre.

‘I couldn’t stop crying and neither could Sarah. ‘She is incredible. She has been through so much. We are so happy together.’

marry-me-proposal1Watch the video below:



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