Trending News  Man Caught With Bag Containing 200 snakes! (photos)  

 Man Caught With Bag Containing 200 snakes! (photos)  



Scary pictures  of a snake catcher in India who released a big bag filled with hundreds of snake, vipers and cobras into the forest has taken over several social media platforms 

According to reports, it was confirmed that he released 285 snakes into the wild and several security measures were taken to ensure that no one was around while this was taking place. 

The man named Salem Khan who released the snake said, “We released 285 rat snakes deep inside the forest after ensuring that there are no human habitats nearby.”

“We need to rescue snakes because they are our friends — and not enemies. They also a good friend of farmers as they help kill rats in the fields,” he added.
Khan, who is also popularly known as Saleem the snake man, reportedly releases up to 100 – 200 snakes every month as he sees it as a rescue mission for the survival of snakes with regards to wildlife.