Man Beats Up His Kids And Posts Photos On Social Media To Attract His Ex-wife’s Attention (Photos)


A 30-year-old man has caused a serious stir online after posting pictures of his two badly battered kids on social media, with his comment saying, “This makes me happy – ever since his ex-wife left the place they lived together on July 17, Liu has been using all means to search for her whereabouts.

He entreated desperately among his friends to help searching by posting his ex-wife’s pictures on social media, claiming that she is mentally ill and needs to be taken care of. Yet his efforts went all in vain.


Liu married his 23-year-old ex-wife last year, and they have two kids, one is four-year-old and the other two-year-old. Liu didn’t acknowledge his marriage had fallen apart nor did he say anything about their divorce until Women’s Federation, a local women’s rights organization, interfered after the child abuse photos Liu posted had sparked outcry.

After Liu found out that his ex-wife had a hotel booking record in June, one month after the couple divorced, he drank a lot and started beating his own kids heartlessly and severely, leaving their bodies bruises and cuts all over.

liu-beats-children2He then took pictures of the kids and posted online, immediately drawing huge attention. Many were furious about his conduct but none of them reported Liu to the police for fear of the two kids would be left unattended, while Liu’s ex-wife’s whereabouts remains unclear.

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  1. Oh God. Poor children. Some people dont deserve children. May God send help to them.

    by Lily Flower on Aug 5, 2016 at 14:35 Reply

  2. Exactly

    by Precious Izes on Aug 5, 2016 at 13:58 Reply

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