Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Lovely Pictures as Mercy Aigbe’s Daughter Models For Her Boutique

Lovely Pictures as Mercy Aigbe’s Daughter Models For Her Boutique



Michelle Gentry is surely aiming to become a very successful model…Like they say, “You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation”. Her foundation is solid!

Few days after her birthday, the 15 year old was was pictured modelling for her mum who now owns a boutique.

Although Mercy Aigbe was accused of selling her stuffs rather too expensive by some fans after she posted a Palm Sandal for sale for a whooping N35,000!

Meet This 26 Year Old Model With Rare Skin Condition Which Makes Her Look Old

Michelle will surely become a Great model!

Michelle-Models Michelle-Slay-0 Michelle-Slay-02



  1. Whats wrong, why you wearing tear trouser! Se your mummy poor nii? She can’t buy u better clothes at this age u like dressing like mad person just as some girls dress this day. Better behave no gain in madness

  2. If u are wearing torn cloths at dis young age i wonder wat u will wear wen u grow up.. No wonder dey go naked all in d name of fashion and celebrity. Shameless people

  3. No sweetie, don’t follow the path of your mum, for once be a role model to other girls in your age group…take a cue from the Obamas girls.Dress decent and respectfully so you wont get insulted. The future is all yours.

  4. Why are u wearing tear trouser like ur mum Don’t follows her, coz mad person do and if u think is normal u can continue But I think ur dad should knw better..

  5. Mercy is just known for fashion. No other impact in the society. Her girl will definitely be like her. Nice anyways

  6. What are your business anyways.. It’z fashion.. if you guyz feel like to advise her.. itz a free world you can do that but not to insult her of wearing torn trouser because she saw the trouser before she put it on.. I believe that some of you are envious of her that’s why your comment ain’t meaningful not to talk of even affording the types of clothes she put on.. my dear flex because your mum has paid the price for you to come and enjoy life to the fullest!!

  7. Love d swag…..regardless of what people say Dey are just jealous You nd ur mom are role model nd am inspired


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