Art & Humour lol.. Haters will say its photoshop…

lol.. Haters will say its photoshop…


Well, it’s whatever you think it is.

lol. Nice skills from the designer. May his dreams come to pass.

What do you think?

  1. Lol Rihanna haven’t seen cute looking dudes, is this abandoned tricycle she will allow to touch her

  2. Congrats on ur achievement ur greatest dream finally came am Hapi 4 u bros photo editing ur pics n rihanna’s was ur greatest dream

  3. you see big celeb like her and you wan form say you dey touch her and you are holding her make she jarm you,you go get am like gbagam. in fact wat the name of your perfume come to talk of holding my celeb

  4. This guy is on a crush and the Photoshop is crushing him. Keep dreaming lol! Na recession go wake you

  5. It might be ur dream i pray for u it will come to pass coz none knws tomorrow. Haters no be ur creator dey only have mouth.

  6. Dont mind them, is possible that u can become a president tomorrow, as u dream high u will surely get there

  7. lol my guy even your papa papa give you cham e no go work oooo sorry u one romans ba get out wawa yaro banza if u understand Hausa u know wat I mein by dat

  8. Before nko? You better put down that your hand b4 it start paining you…..go back to computer school

  9. wow dis is foto mall not fotoshop…ur mumu still dey upgrade, the thunder that will strike u dey do push!!?

  10. This nigga is a dum ass.. lol you’re fucking ya damn self up fck d edit.. this can never happen in 80years to come

  11. Mehn!! guy u dope die,,,c formin,,,4get wetin pple dey talk oo,,na real nt photoshop ewu…mitcheew

  12. In fact for dis insult I dey unfollow dis page. Nonsense wey una tak psn for??? Say we b blocked heads ba


  14. hahahahauahahahay….lwkmd…laugh my ass out..dopey n dofus …dream high a free world…still laughing..Na photoshop rite

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  16. Pls o, is she not a human being like u nd I ? were does she live heaven or earth? so y can’t he meet her nd wat is so special abt her. pls we are all humans nd God is God .

    • Forget about her jor… Humans are different… So u want to tell me that if e.g kiss Daniel is coming for a concert anywhere around ur area u won’t run and try to take selfies with him and even try to seduce him?? Is he not a human being??? Abeg shut up… Humans are different

    • I wonder how people sometimes see the self acclaimed celeb, who d hell are they? Human like you, born like every other human…… See I don’t know of others I see them no differ from myself and every other ppl around me. Some of dem are not even living decent life to worth loosing the lace of our shoe……….bcos u are seeing dem on your TV, guy forget….nothing is special about dem for real…… Every body is gifted for is success for real…..

    • Moses Olúwagbénga Eniobánké celebs re people u put more effort to wat dey do .so u can’t sit down nd b saying dey re nt different , so wen u become an important person or celeb as d case may be we will all respect u .buy since u re nt pls respect dem nd appreciate dea effort in trying to become someone in life

    • Helo bae Lemme tell you diz,yes she is human like u n I Bt she stands out dear I mean super ***

    • @Gideon Thomas u’re nt only sick Bt insane. do u I behave Lyk ur loosed sisters. fool. if u don’t lyk wat I said, y cnt u make ur own comment rather than insulting urslf. Pls I am nt here for those coward insulting me. Afterall I’m not as loosed as ur girlfriends. everyone can sit, eat, gist, nd even snap wit any celebrity dat comes diamond way*period* is Rihana on living on earth with you? is she ur God? is she nt a human being lyk u? so then y cnt he, u, I, meet, gist nd snap wit her. so y insulting me.

    • Funso Itunu Paul…….don’t say u shouldn’t respect, love, even worship (their idol as they do claim), but as for me o, they are not better compare to myself. For I am perfectly created by God with potentials to only magnify his name…….not going extra length to be heard or known…………People with useless lifestyle. Tell me the value left in Rihanna as woman………..

  17. Show some love guys download chosen one by ur humble boy Bayon Kay ‎Jah bless you all as u keep supporting the boy…….‎

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  19. Haba!! It can never b Photoshop, u don use all ur life prepare for dis day, congratulations, mission accomplished. Fear still dey catch u to touch her for Photoshop dats y u hang ur hand like mumu. Smh!!!

  20. Guy na the Economic Recession make you they behave like this nai be say u never know who they worry you for your family….slave

  21. HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahapeople get talent lol

  22. Loo…this is photoadopt…u adopted rihanna’s photo. If dats d case bruh, am a hater. Am hating ur own stupidity

  23. If it is nt photoshop,then dat is it?..U beta stop wasting ur tym dng trash and think of how to make cool cash.

  24. See dis yoruba boy whey get tribal mark nah im rihanna dey allow to touch her……SMH……I laugh in Greek

  25. Hehehe…. buhari… see wetin u don coz… our niggar don dey hallucinate……. buhari it’s ur fault ooooo……

  26. U never date Niger musician’s, na rihanna u won con date.that one is called impossible feature tens, min u bro,I have d picture in my album,lolzy

  27. U try for dis Photoshop oooo ah ah, how did yu get it abeg me self won join Rihana with mysef…. Lolz……

  28. Eya….sorry u hear diz yr dream iz really goin 2 far u beta wake up oo….diz one evn pass photoshop, na photostore…

  29. This guy should av at least edited his own foto first to make it blend with the color of rihanna’s skin

  30. In your dreams bro, pls wake up man, bit I believe u its not Photoshop its photodream

  31. mugu like u. u tink say rihanna go gree take this kind pic with u? abi u wan stain the babe with ur black color?

  32. Hahaha wow what a nice photo editor be this pls help me and let me know so that me too i may edit my own with Nicki

  33. hey man.stop dreaming… wake up and wash your face… this is the “excellent Photoshop” as they nowadays advertise it..

  34. Lolz see your mack for face you to like beta thing… Evenself it doesn’t matter but this your dream lolz you mama go collect am so

  35. Even lovers know that it is a real Photoshop. But there in no problem in you meeting up with her bcos whether black or white, we are all the same. May God answer ur prayer if that is what you wish for.

  36. U wil meet her someday bro. Keep d faith.3days ago a kid who had long wish to meet Leo messi finally meet him

  37. ɢʊʏ ʟɛt ʍɛ aɖʋɨċɛ ʊ instead օʄ ʄօօʟɨռɢ ʏօʊʀ sɛʟʄ ʏ ċaռ’t ʊ ɢօ aռɖ ʟօօҡ ʄօʀ ʝօɮ Mʀ ɖʀaҡɛ

  38. U Neva see yemi alade nd tiwa na rihanna u wan touch shey na u go meet rihanna abi na she com meet u

  39. U even give ur self d answer ma self,no need of me disturbing my self to answer u bross

  40. Photoshop Ke, Nt Only Photoshop, Na Photochurch Dy Take Do D Editin.Bt Congrat On Ur Achievement

  41. Hmmmm make I reserve my comment cuz I know say if I talk..thunder wey go fire u still dy for gym house dy do press up mogbe

  42. Sure this is the biggest dream you’ve ever had…anyway, is good to dream big. There is no epitome of match…Hahahaha

  43. Ha ha it’s u my friend longest time o abeg no mind d haters jawe, shebi na Rihanna mtcheww na ur aunt jawe lol

  44. Rihanna self na quinn, even king wife self her subjects the make luv 2 am if king no day, abi she tell wana say she never tire 2 chop white dick. Abeggy make I here 1

  45. I can’t just stop laughing,”haters will say it is photoshop ” abeg uncle u can do photoshop o but abeg no dey put that headline again coz we no be mumu. I think this dude needs divine intervention. Come to think of it u never take selfie with a Naija celeb NA foreign u go straight I salute o…MULE

  46. Omo this picture na Photoshop, if to say the guy resembled IGBO GUY i for no say na true picture ……….BUT SEE HIM FACE LIKE Y BOYS OWN….. I no mention anybody name ooooooooooo.

  47. Funny tin is, dis guy needed attention, n he got it 4rm all of u, mayb he neva had like 50likes wit just his pix alone, bt now he has more dan 800likes n still going… Not 2 mention d numba of comments n shares…… No one knows if he’s winning a bet wit dis… Guy continue 2 use ur head wella, u’ll get der soon

  48. Only u don take am.Na photostore or photo bakery lolz.guy dat babe nor even knw if u exist or nt

  49. Bros abeg wake up cos I know u dreaming. See u wan reap 4 wre u no wheelbarrow dem go use take depot u kum troway 4 ondo cos na dat kind place 4 fit u.see u no fit lie abeg

  50. Brosss,,I hail u ooo, even for ur dreams u fit see am, abi u tink say nah dat girl wey dey ur back-yard

  51. Na photostore. But it’s nice u show ur desire so friends that are praying for u will knw wat they pray for. But look out for Drake

  52. Both you end Tammy are wagg MCs.. Always think of positive things end not this kind of sheet OK.

  53. My dear in your next life if at all you will have you can never see or hear touch Nigerian Rhianna more talk less of the real one my dear go sleep you are dreaming

  54. ɛʋɛռ ɨʄ ɨts ʀɛaʟ….aռɖ sօ ʄʊċҡɨռɢ աɦat??… sɦɛ’s ʊʀ ɖʀɛaʍ ʀօʟɛ ʍօɖɛʟ… ɨ ɮɛta քɦօtօsɦօt ʍʏsɛʟʄ աɨt ʍʏ sɦaɖօա ɖaռ tօ. ɛռɢaɢɛ ɨռ aռ ʊռʀɛaʟɨstɨċ aʍɮɨtɨօռ…ɦօքɨռɢ aɢaɨռst ɦօքɛ… ɦօքɛʟɛss aռɖ ɦaքʟɛss ( ((աt aʍ ɨ ɛʋɛռ saʏɨռɢ)))

  55. Well your imagination may come through if u work towards it but bro u are on O. Y. O

  56. Fuckin moron.. u judged urself already..well ion believ Ts a photo shop,i bliv Ts a photo house or photo mall.. even wizkid,davido or any 9jerian artist wouldn’t do that to her.. she might be a bitch buh Shez a Classy bitch nd u not even in her school talkless of her class.. Percy :: he even looks like d first set of pple Donald trump wud throw back to 9jeria

  57. Losers wil says :Wow!!!! Mumus will say: Guy when do u travel Buh…. A sensible person will tell u “Stop Fooling Your Self” Guy wise up it’s modern world:>

  58. our guy is aiming high lol…..aim well d sky is ur starting point,if u lyk make u no wake up from ur daydreaming,u go be d father of her kids and she no go fit let u go wit did ur dirty black wet dey lyk Battery mongonbaala lyk u mtcheeeeeeeww.

  59. Boi, see yah eyes oo, E remain small make yah eye enter d rihanna face….lol, E pass photoshop jareh, na photoindustry