Viral News Little Lagos boy who swore he wants to be a yahoo boy...

Little Lagos boy who swore he wants to be a yahoo boy starts school (Photo)


Remember Segun, the little boy who swore in a video that he wants to be a yahoo boy?

He has started a private school with the help of funds from people. The boy who already has an Instagram page with over 51k followers shared the post and wrote;

“In the face of every obstacle, I survived without a bruise !
Because I don’t believe in IMPOSSIBLE
And that’s what get me through
Some months back I left the the public school I was attending because I felt I deserve a standard education without a penny and any hope of resuming in a better one ……I prayed and had faith !! Am so happy to announce to you all now that am now a student of qualified private school with the help of GOD and all the support have been getting from YOU ALL..
I now get picked and dropped by a school bus
Words can’t be enough to express how grateful I am !! To everybody that as been sending me funds so I could have a better life …may you all be favored before men and GOD #AMEN
Most especially big thanks to @zlatan_ibile and @i_am_kakadu for all their endless efforts …..I will make you all proud walaitalai”

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  1. Oyaa….Yahoo Goes To School” your ancestors will not let you succeed in yahoo ooo …..face your studies•

  2. You better face your studies and become useful in life except you want to spend the rest of your life in jail

  3. Let’s just pray he doesn’t use that school brain and become a professional at what he swore to bcome

  4. Hope your dream to be a Yahoo boy never happens.. May your desire to be a yahoo boy not materialise.. May the gods take away any craftiness you are planning on using as a Yahoo boy.. May Thunder fire anyone who you have turn to a role model as a yahoo boy!.. May………….. *Lemme go and rest small before I continue.. Make sure you are still on your kneels ooh!.Wait you hear!!

  5. I hope his benefactors are not yahoo boys and aside enrolling this young boy in a private school, what are they doing to change his mindset about “quick money”.

  6. Did you guys know that this little boy has been making his money now apart from being a Yahoo. He has thousands followers on social networks just like emanuela. May God let us reach our destination in time

  7. He’s already a yahoo boy…. Who knows if he didn’t say that just to get this support……..hahaha the little boy don harma…

  8. Should I call this luck or destiny? I hope you become something better than the yahoo boy you have in mind.

  9. He ll be sharp cus d boi na from street… Wish u best in ur dream but not becoming internet fraudster

  10. YBNL welcome to school, Respect to those who sponsor his education either parent or well wishers.


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