Entertainment News Listen to Kylie Jenner’s First-Ever Rap Song ‘Beautiful Day’; Here’s What People...

Listen to Kylie Jenner’s First-Ever Rap Song ‘Beautiful Day’; Here’s What People Think



When Kylie Jenner began not only lip syncing, but singing along to the songs she featured on her Snapchat, we felt a rumbling that it could happen soon. When she and sister Kendall starred in Justine Skye’s music video, it seemed inevitable. When she scribbled “Kylie was here” on Kanye West‘s The Life of Pablo, it was only a matter of time.

That time is here. Kylie Jenner is on a rap track.

According to Complex, Jenner’s part in the song was quite minor, she actually did rap and also admits that this is the first time she is being featured on a track. Recall that there was rumour that the reality TV star was going into music; she had been seen in the studios a few times. Now, she is a rapper.

In the new song, there is a part where voices intermingled as the words ‘fuck ni**as’ were said repeatedly and people assumed it was Jenner. But her bestie Jordyn Woods clarified that it was not Jenner.


Well, how are people reacting to the song?

Here’s what they think:








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