News Light Goes Off At Senate Building During Ambassadorial Nominees Screening

Light Goes Off At Senate Building During Ambassadorial Nominees Screening


Power failure at Room 324, Senate New Building marred the screening of the non-career ambassadorial nominees for whom President Muhammadu Buhari is seeking legislative approval.

The light went off at exactly 12:13 pm. The Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, which is conducting the exercise for the 46 nominees, had to continue with the screening in darkness when light failed to come on.



  1. Hmmmmm that means somebody wallet go don lost be that, its such a shame when such does takes place, if this can happen to them, let them have a rethink of what the poor masses are goin tru

  2. Later some people will come and say they should have staged Big Brother 9ger in Nigeria and not in SA.

  3. … Ehen, at least they experienced what we average nigerians and those who are poor are experiencing… This our nation eh. May God help us

  4. Na me be d NEPA wey dey duty dat time, na me off am. Make dem feel wetin all of us dey feel everyday.

  5. Na so I pursue snake from a nearby bush in my area, d snake ran straight to our compound and enter my room dat night, immediately it entered d room NEPA took light… For over a week now I have been staying in my friends house..

  6. Wow! That is the result of the very Hard working president we voted for. What a great change

  7. 419 and corruption in Nigeria will never come pass will should celebrating 419 independence so EFCC could no who the will catch

  8. Very rare because National Assembly is one place light hardly goes off expecially plenary sessions or when sittings like this……as them never gree pay them salary nai dem visit them with this ki d disgrace ooooo

  9. Hmmmm let them av a taste of it…oh no!…My battery is down….. No light to charge it…. Nigeria why?…


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