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Lamentations Of A Concerned Patriot” – Dele Momodu



Here’s an Article by Dele Momodu, Publisher, Ovation Magazine.

“…While I may not contest the fact that Mr Peter Ayo Fayose won the Governorship election in Ekiti last week, we must still protest events that led to the victory. For the Federal Government, Ekiti was treated like a do or die affair. Everything and anything possible was thrown into executing that war. It was so serious that many Nigerians wondered if we would not have defeated Boko Haram by now if the menace was similarly attacked.

The security in Ekiti was so water-tight that one wondered why same could not be achieved in other parts of Nigeria. While PDP may continue to bask in the euphoria of that victory, they must try and resist the temptation of seeing themselves as conquerors. Now that their opponents have been alerted to what to expect in subsequent elections, PDP may not find it so easy to intimidate and harass with Federal might when next tomorrow comes. Instead of over relying on the use of brute and crude force, PDP should try to wear a new look and embrace a more responsible attitude. The recent all-out attack against the opposition in Ekiti should never be contemplated or repeated. To do otherwise is to push the people to the wall and invite their wrath…”
“…Today, Nigeria is at its lowest ebb. Our country has virtually taken over from Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and others as the headquarters of terror. While this senseless killings are going on our leaders seem incapable of ever being moved by human misery. Politics and winning elections are much more important to them. They have studiously ignored the dangers ahead. The President should set in motion the process of identifying those who can force the leadership of Boko Haram to the table for dialogue. These irrational killings and kidnappings must be stopped by any means necessary. Nothing is too much to sacrifice for the sake of ending this bloodbath. Even if he needs to sacrifice himself by not seeking a re-election and supporting someone else. He would not be remembered by how long he spent in power but by how well he governed. The President must restore peace in our Polytechnics. How can students be at home for nearly one year? The President still has close to a year to prove his mettle and achieve something monumental. It is sad that he has allowed himself to be sucked totally into this incomprehensible rat-race that would end up doing more harm than good…”
– Dele Momodu, Publisher, Aviation Magazine

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