News Lagos Police Arrest Employer For Inhumane Treatment of His Staff. (Photos)

Lagos Police Arrest Employer For Inhumane Treatment of His Staff. (Photos)


This is just sheer wickedness irrespective of what the boy did.

The Lagos state Police command apprehended an employer for dehumanizing his staff, tied his hands and legs to the back and transporting him to Abuja in an Hilux Van.

The police have arrested an engineer for bundling a man into stop around 7Up, the police were shocked to find Daniel Dabis, with his legs and hands tied to his back, at the back of the Hilux.

During preliminary investigation, Odunaga claimed that Dabis stole his money in his Abuja home and fled to Lagos.

He said he was taking Dabis, who he described as his office assistant, back to Abuja before the police stopped him.

He said:

“I have been searching for him all over the place. The search took me to his village in Plateau State.
It was one of his friends that told me he was in Lagos where he was hiding. Precisely, I was hinted he was staying at Mile 12 Market, Ketu. I drove down from Abuja and I met him at Mile 12 Market, Ketu, where I picked him up. “Initially, I had taken him down to Ketu Divisional Police Station, Lagos, to report the matter, but the officers at the station declined to detain him there.So, I had no option than to take him back to Abuja”.

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Odunuga, who lives at Pent City Estate, Abuja, added:

“That was what I was trying to do before I was accosted by the police team on routine patrol under the Ketu/Ojota flyover.”

But Dabis said:

“What I took from him were a ladder and a wheel barrow.
He is estimating the cost of the wheel barrow at N110,000 and the ladder, N90,000, that is all I took from him. He has because of that tied my legs and hands to my back. His plans were to drive me to Abuja. If not for the officers, he would have killed me and dumped my body at the road side.”

The Nation

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  1. This is wicked.don’t just arrest him make him suffer the same fate first before he is charged to court or granted bail

  2. This is abuse of labour, he should should be served the same dose of his own medicine so as to taste the bitter taste

  3. You never can tell what he has done.Perhaps he stole from him or her and instead of allowing a mob to set him on fire,he decided to please them by tieing him in their presence..

    • Even if he stole from him is that why he should tie him and dump in the boot of his car travelling from Lagos to Abuja haba its too bad. How much did he bring to life? He said the boy stole from him and d boy said its was a weal barrow and a ladder

  4. Is only Nigerian police that ll beat u before arrest they don’t wanna no if guilty or not. Its only Nigerian police u went to report n tell u to pay before you write statement… I hate dem

  5. He shouldn’t have treated the person the he did, well let him pay for d sins he has committed

    • I know what am saying o…that was how one of the Lagos police mistakenly shot a guy who just came back after so many years in Malaysia. A 29yr old guy,he died o and they didn’t see the police till date….it’s a recent issue

    • The other guy is a Dubai based and a soldier shot him dead too….is it a crime to come to their own country again?

  6. Make o na nor they judge weting o na nor no about,go and ask about what he did before you can start blaming the police man

  7. so d soldier i heard earlier who beat up a lady wit “iron rod” is human treatment right or d stupid police man who flog a grown up woman on d buttock nkor. let any uniform idiot come & try any nonsense wit me 1st. mbok

  8. Some Employers and Devil are partners…You treat your workers as piece of sh*t and expect your business to flourish?..Hell to the No!!..

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  10. Nigerian police!!! Wen will u grow beyond all these international crimess you are comitting and start do do things the right way????


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