Editorials Lady wants to sleep with her sister’s husband after watching their tape…

Lady wants to sleep with her sister’s husband after watching their tape…

A young lady who is currently doing everything she can to sleep with her sister’s husband, has described the couple’s love-making style as ‘heavenly’ after discovering their tapes in a laptop.
Popular Lagos-based Psychologist and Relationship therapist, Joro Olumofin, has taken to his Instagram page to share the story of a Nigerian University student who is fantasizing about sleeping with her brother-in-law.
According to the unidentified young lady, she visited her sister’s home and when the couple went out, she stumbled on their laptop and saw the couple’s tapes. But what caught her eye was the way her sister and her husband perform their thing in the most romantic way.
Here’s the e-mail she sent to the Love Doctor;

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  1. Some girls are born witnch inside d dem Dey are only after to destroy Ur own sis, if she can go to dis extent den she can equally kill her sis just to take her husband away Pls Mark I think is high time u work on this nude pics fast to stop some people destroying ones happiness

  2. Hmmm Witches in broad daylight. Do these people actually say these things because they want attention or ‘cuz they actually mean it?

  3. It’s heavenly cuz they are in Luv n not in a rush cuz they are married, so they av all the tym to travel round their world without fear of being caught or Smtin. Go fall inluv n get married n leave all those “quick abeg my frnds go soon come ” boyfriends, they are bank deposit slips. Allow ur sister to enjoy her MMM Asin give n take Bfor u go crash am

  4. She is just and idiot, keep fooling urself, till ur sister catches u and deals wif u, hw will the hubby look at u, wen he has enough already, leave them alone demonic sister like u

  5. y people go dey do sex tape sef in the first place?…. y?!… see wetin dem don cause now… as for you omo 19… chai! i gat no words for you…just stop behaving like an imbecile please na beg i dey beg you joor….

  6. But why does her sister and her husband do a recording of their private intimate moments… Why? And how come the idiot have access to it…

  7. So boys Don finish for dat ur university huh? Something na dey worry u….i wish dem fit beat dat tin commot from ur sense

  8. It is called private. Some people don’t just understand that word. I blame ur Sis for giving access to her laptop knowing fully well what’s inside. Keep fantasising about ur Sis and her man. Yeye dey smell


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