Trending News Lady who stole chicken for Xmas stripped naked (Graphic Photo)

Lady who stole chicken for Xmas stripped naked (Graphic Photo)


A young lady who allegedly stole a chicken to celebrate the Christmas with was given the most bizarre jungle justice imaginable.

It was a show of shame in the Nnewi community in Anambra State after a young lady who allegedly stole a chicken to celebrate the Christmas was given the disgrace she would never forget in her life.

The young girl, according to a Facebook user, Precious Eze, the lady was caught while stealing the chicken on December 24, 2016, and in a jiffy, a crowd had gathered and after beating her mercilessly, she was stripped naked, made to tie the chicken around her waist and was paraded around the town in her nakedness.

 Here is how Eze captured the scene:


Why Crave For What You Can’t Afford?? ”VIEWERS DISCRETION PLS!

This happened in Nnewi, Anambra State on the 24th December 2016. She wanted to eat chicken on Christmas Day but couldn’t afford it…..and decided to go STEALING.” 

Is it by force to eat chicken on Christmas Day? Is there no fish in the market? Must one steal because you want to eat chicken? Even if you didn’t see fish, couldn’t this woman have paid a visit to someone’s house if it’s a must to eat chicken? Now, her pictures are going viral because of Christmas Chicken!” 

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In the past few weeks, Nigerians have been appalled at the way hungry petty thieves have been treated for stealing little things while people who loot the country are treated like royalty and given chieftancy titles to celebrate their ill-gotten wealth.

    • think about what*that girl is going through now,the embarrassment,how u wish she was burn,but she wasn’t,loveTh be human

    • Onyenwe Josiah Afunwa do you have problems with your eyes or you don’t know how to read properly. Do you see anywhere I said how I wish she was burned, lolzz some people and understanding sef. Pls bros tell me which part of your brain is paining you?

    • Onyenwe Josiah Afunwa if stealing is not easy, then don’t do it. No matter the angle you look at it from, stealing is bad. Besides that guy that was set ablaze at Lagos, was it not because of stealing. Pls go to the main post and air your view and keep off my space.

    • Burnt for jst stealing a chicken that’s absurd,she was hungry there are no jobs out there,was she supposed to die of starvation n besides everyone want meat on christmas day.

    • #Tshabalala thamiso some time last two weeks at onitsha, two brothers were burnt because of #50, while they were being burnt, they were shouting “we did that because of hunger ooo” but they were not spared. So when i said that lady should be grateful she wasnt burnt, i know what am saying

    • #Tshabalala thamiso some time last two weeks at onitsha, two brothers were burnt because of #50, while they were being burnt, they were shouting “we did that because of hunger ooo” but they were not spared. So when i said that lady should be grateful she wasnt burnt, i know what am saying

    • #Tshabalala thamiso some time last two weeks at onitsha, two brothers were burnt because of #50, while they were being burnt, they were shouting “we did that because of hunger ooo” but they were not spared. So when i said that lady should be grateful she wasnt burnt, i know what am saying

    • @loveth am sure you must be very happy at least for her been striped naked, since bcos it where not part of your relative involved or your friend too

    • Muhammed Sanusi we are not quarreling, but pls tell me what the sharia law stipulates for stealing. Don’t come here and play the hypocritical life alright, I bet your law do much more than stripping naked

    • our law never says some one should be strip naked, if you lack the knowledge go and read it very well before posting

    • @loveth our law never says some one should be strip naked, if you lack the knowledge go and read it very well before posting

    • muhammed i want to hear it from you what your law said or are you afraid of saying it? you are such a hypocrist

    • no since you have read it tell where is it written in qur’an, hadith or the views of the muslim jurist that that we also allows striping of nakeness

    • i will tell you since you are already an ignorance having the disease already , our laws say that if some one steal such stealing must reach a nisab and that if it does not reach a nisab it not crime, a fowl in these instance does not reach a nisab so she should be freed

    • Muhammed Sanusi you are a good liar, that’s not all. Did you forget the part where his hand should be cut off?

    • cutting of hand is when the crime is so gravious like stealing of cow, camel or a car, an ordinary chicken is not so grievous and will not amount to cutting of hand this was the case the happen in zamfara shariah court, where did you see in nigeria that a hand is cut off becaus of a mere chicken fool, so ignorant

    • so it is only in zamfara shariah court that some one steal a cow that is hand is cut off, tell me of chicken, ignorance is a disease

    • Mohammed you are the foolish one, so finally you admit that there’s every tendency that someone’s hand can be cut off in your law because of stealing, I don’t insult people on Facebook but I must say you are a foolish idiot,

    • why running away from the topic, we are talking about the chicken here fool, some one been stripe naked and not the issue of our law

    • You are just a foolish fool that lack understanding, but I pray for today, receive brain in Jesus name Amen

    • so it so pain full that you can react theses way and you are happy that your fellow sister is stripe naked

    • a lot of people comment here are all against these wicked act, but you seem to enjoy it because you show that you are the wicked person who lacks sympathy

    • a lot of people comment here are all against these wicked act, but you seem to enjoy it because you show that you are the wicked person who lacks sympathy

  1. wot ds pple x wrong culd av sat her down n question her u dnt no weda she children n notin 2 celebrate d xmas wit das wot dy supose 2 av did

  2. How can they do that?…….. This act is a miasma of a deprecable apothesis of an hemorrhaging plutocracy, cascadinly oozing into a maladorous excresence of mobocracy…

  3. And the president and the so called politicians are busy stealing billions of naira belonging to Nigerian’s everyday y not jungle justice them useless people God will judge u. If all that did this to her can boost that they v not for once taken what does not belong to them, then they will go Scott free but if the reverse is the case, Nemeses must catch up with you

  4. They should have taking responsible steps to mianda the intastisis of a suable cataract nd not just jump into action like that…..

  5. Haba! this is so unfair…y will dey do dis to a lady? bcos of ordinary chicken d? its so unfair to naked a lady in public no matter wat she did…i dnt support this biko

  6. This is not too good at all! We need to be passionate at times. Nigeria,can we no longer be our brother’s keeper,when we understand the reason for this act? More orientation to the people!

    • In fact you have said it all… If small issues like this arise and we can’t even solve them in the right way putting love and compassion into consideration besides we from the same country… How the hell are we going to love ourselves enough to make this country a better place for all? This is just too bad

    • Political unawareness, is tearing Nigeria apart. It’s important our Government adopted necessary mechanism, to halt this barbaric behavior among our youths.

  7. That’s total wickedness…… God go punish all of una…. bear this in mind aby day u sin UR own punishment will be worst than her own

  8. She deserved it nd she doesn’t deserves it. She deserves it in the sense dat big thief start from somewhere, moreover, she ll be a lesson to other outside der. And she doesn’t bcos der’s a serious hardship across d nation. So, der must be a reason of did so.

  9. When Buhari became a president people started stealing because of the hunger he brought to the land

  10. I don’t even know all this people are normal cos I saw the pics of seun egbegbe who stole many iPhones n he was just beaten now a lady stole a chicken n she was stripped naked,,,what is it with woman,,,,so u can stripped naked a woman but not a man abi…Those people must be insane

  11. People we say she fuck up. Steeling is not good but d condition of dis country na every day on Facebook we see people paraded in Facebook for steeling., panting ,pepe, tomatoes ,na dis chicken. God will help as .

  12. Well i don’t have much t oooo say’all i h ave to say god is washing ‘ bcus the bible say u shall reap what u sow .if dey can naked a lady becus of ordinary chicken .god will disgrace them in every bad area in there life !

  13. my problem wit ds is dat some people will rather see a naked lady dan help pay for wat she took….jesus came to save us even wit d knwledge of our sins we shud help spread kindness,love

  14. Where is d first question u promised us will come out soon? And is it only etisalat u guys will be giving away this tym?

  15. This act shows how senseless many Nigeria youth are, if she is a politician and she stole Billion’s of naira you will see them praising her giving her tittle

  16. See let’s come out and fight those who loot and milk our economy dry you will never see them they will never come out because they are their father mother sister brother friends

  17. This nonsense ,if icould see this girl i,should by more chicken for her and pay for the one she steal useless people’s

  18. na wa so no body can dfend her those people a so wiked shewon t gbagbe pe oluwaloba adakedajo am nt so port t but t s well

  19. How much is the chicken that they have to naked her for is it too much for some one to just help in paying so she can go with it this is so so unfair

  20. This is critical rubbish, just b/c of chicken, they should go and catch politicians that stole Nigeria money & naked them if they known that the are men enough, may God 4give them.

  21. This is nonsense instead to give her stupid people naked 9ja future what about pen politician robber that our elders are given title

  22. my brother this is Nigeria embarzle small and b punished while steal embarzle large and be honoured infact moving with convoy

  23. I don’t believe is human being is living in this country. Is Nigerians a humans or animal’s?

  24. God will punish all this idiot illiterate fools set of animals no wonder white always regards them as animals people that are stealing billions of naira are there enjoy there life is only #200 and fowl Thief you will see idiot fellow God will stripe all of you and your family naked

  25. Is it not wrong, is there no other way of punishing her than to strips her naked? Assuming she is ur sister how we u fee?

  26. For crying out loud/! Do u think she would have stolen the chicken if her FAM members could provide one??? Do you even know how long that poor girl has had the opportunity to eat one last??? Let’s be Considerate!!! And as for the people that did that to the girl.. My God in heaven must punish u ppl severely!!! Heartless human beings

  27. Why can’t they forgive her what’s chicken that they didn’t force her or her people to pay for it some part of this country needs serious awareness on some certain things u don’t put a young promising lady in such a stigma this lady can’t come of this even in her generation is wrong very wrong Anambra government should do something about it fast mtcheeeeeeeeeeeew

  28. I don’t know when some pple will start being sensible… I think the real change starts from us… They didn’t bother to ask why she stole a common chicken or hand her over to the proper authorities rather they do this… It shows how shallow minded, irresponsible, idle plus illetracy stricken they are… I hope this their rally has undone the issue… Useless people!

  29. That’s jungle justice! This act is barbaric! And the womenhood is their! As free citizens of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights!

  30. How much is chicken and you embarrassing this lady like this, most our politicians that is stolen billions per day and you can’t do anything for them, God is looking to everyone o

  31. See what Mr President has course to Nigeria beautiful Lady stole fowl .and the next judgement is to naked her ,foolish people

  32. All those polititians ar walking free with immunity steeling big money & u guys could not even in any occasion storm their gates but these lady out of the hardship given to the nation by those politicians stole a chicken knowing fully well she can use her toto to get it but she can’t prostitute intead of following the screapture in judging her u ar guy ar abusing & violating her thats not right am not in support of her dids but thats too small for such punishment

  33. Even those guys that stripped her naked looks like thieves self…..just because she stole ordinary chicken they stripped her naked like this….nawaoooo sometimes people act as if they are God as if they righteous and perfect than others….we are all human being and she stole the chicken because of hunger what they should have done is to offer food or leave the chicken for her and warn her not to try it next time and not treating her this way like one who committed murder

  34. And d government and president are doing nfin abt dis,just a chicken and she got jungle justice, BT want do does fools called government and president get away with Nigerian’s money and does order fools did not jungle justice does big fools,,,,nemeses will catch up with you big and small fools

  35. Nigerians will remain behind as long as they can’t think properly. Why can’t they strip obanikoro naked or Stella odua, those that stole millions? Just hungry and happy Xmas girl stole chicken and they are happy to naked and beat her? Curse be to them

  36. You people most be stupid, stripping a woman naked for stealing common chicken? While all the government are out here, stealing billions of dollars. May heaven cause any body that is involved in this. That why the country will never go

  37. Nigerians would not stop being stupid,bcus of an ordinary chicken,your are striping a lady necked and a politician who is representing you is eating the money that belongs to you , you honour him n even celebrate him for embezzling what is yours ,is only that would save us from this wicked nation.

  38. But what made her to commit such a crime? Demons are controlling many ppl. I can cook without even crayfish n nothing will happen

  39. Must u eat chicken, atleast if u cant afford chicken or goat u can managr the flavour its just ten naira

  40. This is really barbaric act of inhuman justice to an hungry pet thieves. Every hand that d stone at her will go scot free if they had never in their lives steal in one way or other before. O felt pity for d poor woman d count hard economy situations leads her to diz for sure.

  41. This is not fair. Just because of chicken. How much does it worth that will make you stripe her naked, this is inhumanity

  42. This is bad, y cart one of the fools beating her just pay for the chicken and let her be ? How else can you show love and be your brother’s keeper?

  43. Yes keep watching her nakedness bt remember as u re stiring at her jus keep imagining in ur heart that so this is how ur mothers pussy nd bombom is nd also dat of ur elder sisters nd younger sisters too. Idiots.

  44. This is Nonsensical it’s inhumane, y’all better stop this before y’all face the wrath of god.

  45. Thunder will fire all those idiots that lay there hand on this innocent girl because of chicken..what is chicken to even start with.God punish you people am sure that this girl is better than may that lay hands on her…

  46. No she was just hungry, they would have given her more chicken to eat until the festive season is over.

  47. And your local government chairman takes home ALL the state allocation without explanation and y’all will praise him…bastardized fuckers

  48. Una dey crass cos say she steal chicken dats why u guys naked am. So one of u can not pay fr de chicken fr her abi una no see things are difficult or una just one see something! Kolo people

  49. It’s so sad dat some are busy doing dis ill act. I wonder if dis is how were gonna achieve Biafra….. what is love nd counseling ok. Let Love Lead

  50. What’s dz, some set of Nigerians can be so stupid and crazy. While will u strip someone naked coz she stole chicken,its not just fair. I think it’s high time this stupid jungle justice of a tin sud be pass into a serz law, anyone who does it sud die by hanging

  51. Sumtin is wrong wit those guys jus Chicken yu naked her like dis.. I think den don smoke weed

  52. What’s the strip naked for?? just a common chicken, I guess those that did that have eaten or have child of there own. Hunger has it’s own spirit we should help when the issue arises