Viral News Lady shares ‘shitting’ photos with her ‘baby’, brags about it on social...

Lady shares ‘shitting’ photos with her ‘baby’, brags about it on social media


Ashh KayyAn African-American lady and Facebook user, Ashh Kayy, took to the platform to share photos that show her and her ‘baby’ sharing the toilet.

The photo which has garnered several likes and shares on social media, came with the caption;

Me n baby the shit together ?❤️❤️ so it’s only right if we take a shit together!!❤️❤️??

See some comments below;

Jackie Cole Idgaf how close we is, I’m grown as hell and I’m not finna share a toilet with another grown ass person ??? besides i like to be comfortable I need the whole toilet to myself ??‍♀️ Tarzanna Thompson look at this bulllllllshit

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thomas_okey Couple that “shits” together stays together. Wonder what happens when one of them is purging? Nsi afosisa might be d deal breaker.


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