Viral News Lady says you’re not worthy to be called a boyfriend if you...

Lady says you’re not worthy to be called a boyfriend if you cant drop your ATM pin and card for your GF to flex for a week


Christian Ada has taken to her Facebook Page to publicly call out her boyfriend… and probably boyfriends of other Ladies!

She’s says Guys are not “Boyfriend” enough if they can’t give out their ATM card and Pin to their girlfriend to flex the weekend as they like.

She wrote:

Boyfriend that cant give you his Atm card and pin to flex with his account for Just one week.
Is that one a boyfriend?




    • fink harder before u say anyfin,,jst bcos of one girl u re nw finking d world cn b a more better place wifout women…i believe u av a moda nd u also av sisters..xo imagine dis world wifout dem..

    • The world will be incomplete wivout us so fink bfr u tlk cuz twas a woman dah brought yhu to did world

    • Chai!…some things that people say makes me wonder if they thought about what they said before saying it…This world would be meaningless without women, if women didn’t exist how would we get funny posts like this one on fb?…if women didn’t exist, what would we work so hard for?..Nothing…. Read ur bible in Genesis; God saw that Adam was alone and so he created Eve to be his partner, his companion, his friend, and his better half…Woman are still as relevant as ur health….So no gender discrimination please.

  1. See your mouth like ATM PIN FOR A WEEK TO FLEX!!..Are you sure you are in Nigeria and the boyfriend you are talking about is not a politician,senator,Dangote son?..If your answer is YES!!..Then you have officially being confirmed as an idiot…*Lobatan

  2. see her mouth like badagary canoe,don’t go get somtn doing.. foolish attention seeker lk u,so ur dating him cos he has money

  3. That means ur girlfriend is materialistic and u two will have problem with each other when u don’t have d money…

  4. I wonder how girls see themselves.. That’s why I say ladies need to be treated as trash….how can u be depending on somebody that is not ur father neither is he ur ur boyfriend born u? Many oda girls are out there working to earn and u are looking for money u neva worked for to enjoy…….God know that I forbid female children in my life..any female child on her way into my life shud go back by miscarriage or else I will make her life a living hell for her…….I so hate them!!!!!!!!

    • If ladies need to be treated as trash that means ur mother is no option right .the way he is even talking like as if he. Wasn’t born out of a woman womb Chai

    • The way u are talking is like u will marry a man and he will be d one to bare ur children in future, abi? Is it not a woman u will still marry?

    • Pls sir don’t get married. Pipo like u dat God will just give only female children. Talk sensibly pls

    • Leave d idiot..he wants attention…he will marry a woman..his mother is a woman..such idiots God give dem girls as children..fools..

    • You hate your mum too right? And you will marry a man right? I prophesy unto you.. your first 5 children will be girls. Kill yourself ??

    • What? Do you intend to marry in your life? Just imagine your utterances! Remember your mother is a woman. May God forgive you.

    • You are a BIG FOOL,for saying this you called yourself Bishop may it be so as you wish for Amen,pray for forgiveness or are you a gay is it a man that bear you,you just open your gutter and say what you,may God forgive you and give female children throughout your life try God.Your sisters may have been seeing hell through you,can you even care for them and your mother,pls change that babaric attitude of yours ok

    • Guy sori to say dis, ar u sure ur wit ur right senses,I tink ur the type dat doesn’t even take care of their moda and wife,look out wat is coming out of ur mouth ,am so sori to a Gul dat will mistakenly fall to ur trap in the name of marriage ,well may God 4give u,cos ur heart is very black.

    • Gush! This guy has no brain at all, if u have problem with every wrong ladies u’ve met in d past does dat make every other one bad, must u type out ur brain box

    • I can see u r a bastard bcoz u ve no mother… I decree and i declare into ur life u wl only ve female kids in jesus name Amen

    • Listen, u are a coward,and am sorry to say DAT u may never have a child in ur life time,I mean children are harmless gift from God irrespective of their sex difference, and God hat in cognizant like u…….and pls start by treating ur mother as a “trash ” # u are nothing but a scarecrow #

    • U hate them buh ull get married to them and dey’ll give birth to d so called boys yhu wanna have ryt??..pls fink and bysd not all galz are d same

    • You will never know peace for this comment you made And as for your mother I know she will be regretting not using a condom the day your egg was hashed, idiot!! And as for your wife am sorry for her cos I know that her life will be a living hell And as for your girlfriend that’s if you have any, she must be a fool to continue that relationship

    • ur type God will not give u any one even miscarriage u no go see anyway I feel u are high on cold drug nd also sick in d brain no need for long talk you can tell DAT to ur mum

    • Ah ah!…Oga e never reach so…na ATM dem dey talk of nor be full bank o…wetin come dey bring “Girls should be treated as trash” inside na…if dem treat ur mama as trash u think say she for still born you?…Bros, small small abeg…let’s not be ignorant of the words that come of our mouth please, they have a way of coming back to us in the future…

    • Just look at this fool… The issue isn’t hating girls.. The thing is, you can’t make neither a boy child or the opposite…. Ugly bastard.. If you ever get married to a woman.. You’ll die before your wedding day… And God will provide ur woman a better husband… Anyday ur dick enters a woman’s vagina.. You’ll die instantly.. Fool.

    • Damn it! Its like u guyz haven’t realize how foolish he is nt to reply his comment again, if by mistake u’ve come across his comment on ladies post in d past u’ll knw wat am talking abt

    • Pls since u hate girls, don’t even think of getting married, or having a son, because u can only do DAT with d help of a girl, no baby mama no sex, then u are serious abt hating girls. Yeye dey smell. Alasokoje

    • E be like say dis guy na anus him deh fuck oo,dirty junk talking trash,i pity the woman that gave birth to a lunatic like u,really!u hate girls? chai may Godforbidthe day i will come across someone like u in life,and i pray u never have any child be it a boy or girl,u shall die childless,am sure of it,bastard son of a thousand father!

    • haba bros why all dis insults na? is it nt a woman dat gave birth to u? u beta watch wat u say in order to avoid God anger by nt even having d male child u want. i tink u need deliverance.

  5. She must be useless….flex my money with who ??? Did her father tried that with her mum ??? idiot !!!!

  6. While other girls are thinking of getting rich boyfriends and husbands, I am working towards becoming a rich wife

    • Mary-jane Nwalieji a rich wife to my husband, but you can always choose to depend on your boyfriend, that’s your choice anyway

    • Loveth jachinma,am not talking abt bf cos am married n working too.In ideal marriage,u dont be a rich wife to ur husband,rather a help mate no matter how rich u ar..,..pls

    • Mary-jane Nwalieji since you are married, you should know that there is nothing wrong with being a rich wife, not just helping your husband, but being independent on your own. I still maintain that its my choice and you are entitled to your own choice.

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  8. Kush Bishop plsss reflect on ur comment for at least one hour nd den come back here to correct urself

  9. I have my boo ATM PIN, most times, he gives me to hold for him because he doesn’t. Want to use it to withdraw any how, but still I don’t use it as well.he trust me so much that he is save with his ATM card ND pin with me…

  10. I can give her money when the need arises but to make her gain access to my bank account is a hell “NO”.

  11. Pls go find something to even if na pure water you sell,this is not the time to depend on man or you don’t reason future settling down na your time you dey waste make man give you he Atm and Pin stupity of highest order,you are not a wife material you stil dey learn.

  12. Hmm…. I just came here to look at the face of the idiot that said that… My dear better go and work oh. Lol

  13. At 17yrs she barely know little or nothing about relationship… So she is a little girl and will have a shallow thinking

  14. Look at this shameless girl, there is know shame in you eyes @all . Why can’t you leave your own ATM , any man who does that to her girlfriend must be mad, for husband and wife is understood okay…thanks

  15. U can see this idiot is very small, looking at her, pls don’t disgrace the woman of ur society speak for urself alone asshole

  16. Lol.. Ur just a minor who don’t even knw anything abt life.. Just concentrate on growing up first kid. When Your matured enough maybe U will be able to think reasonably

  17. Junk are always junks am I ur father, lookink at u even if bill gate invest on u no changes girl you should go out and work then leave ur card for ur boy frnd and let him waste it junky talk rubish making all girls look stupid, ,, girl are in support of this? Try ans

  18. I hear u. As his mother na… Clap for ur foolish sef. Don’t go look for ur own money like ur mates.

  19. Your not worth a girlfriend,if your waiting for your boyfriend to drop his ATM pin for you to go and flex,no plan for your tomorrow.

  20. Stupid girl,,,instead make u dey skul dey read ur book una dey here dey talk rubbish…Go n carry ur book now

  21. Get it in your brain you never be my wife you want to callect the of my atm if you come be my wife waiting u go dey do

  22. She must be a really lazy and ambitiousless thing. Not saying a man shouldn’t give you money or spoil you with gifts but there’s nothing like yours trust me

  23. Mumu Geh, Ask your mum if she saw your dads Atm card before marriage. Thats even if your dad had an atm card then. Be humble like your mum Bitch! Our Men are not ATM machines

  24. Is your father’s ATM card with your mother? The thunder wey go fire you still dey do press up for gym!

  25. u girls must be stupid are we the only ones that is always proving love to girl, how are we sure the love is reciprocated, ok can u gals also give us ur atm card and the pin let us flex for just two days

  26. So that wen the money finish, you don make am poor, u go dump am for another man abi? U ar a devil, satan. Holy ghooooooost fireyayayayayayaya

  27. She no get point Naso your father dey give your mama him atm dey take go collect money go buy aso ebi abi ?

  28. money no dey de country sha……! If not, she’s right somehow. depends on the type of girl u have.→ if na de type wen sabi reason with u NO PROBLEM but if na the type wen to like buy buy…..! MY SISTER NOTHING FOR YOU

    • Normally which girl go ask boy for he ATM for one week?…wetin she wan buy wen she nor fit jut ask for the money In cash…Abegi…Rich or Poor it’s not right….If the guy has the money he can even willingly place her in charge of the ATM not she asking for it…

  29. One minute silence for all small girls in country that are not ready to face their studies.. And also playing with another woman’s husband.

  30. The thunder wa go finish the generation of person wa talk am still dey ABA dey dey gather firewood

  31. I am a lady but this is cynical,how can we be so callous,our phone pin our guy never know,not to talk of our ATM.

  32. Nah craz nah im dey worry u…. U go tell me weda nah Ur papa wrk d money 4 me … Or weyda dem don name me and u husband and wife ni wey I go drop my pin and ATM card wit u …..odà!

  33. U won flex am 4 one week….. U no see her thief eyes …. Foolish stupid gal wey suppose concentrate 4 her book ……ooodà

  34. Then u are not worthy to be called a girlfriend if u have enough in your account and u can not release your ATM pin for your guy to flex for a week

  35. That means ur girlfriend is materialistic and u two will have problem with each other when u don’t have d money.

  36. Ah!..I would rather become a Reverend father than to give some lazy ass bitch my ATM card for one whole week…dem never pay ur bride price, u dey ask for ATM card and pin….that means if u marry, ur husband go just die, do he own service of songs then bury himself…nor go find work mumu, dey find bf wen go give u ATM…even the one wen duh break…u no go see.

  37. Only in Africa when a guy is dating a gal he automatically becomes her father (spending money on her, taking care of her responsibilities)……shoutout to all the independent gals

    • I hear you, but you go like to sleep with her abi, if she no use soap bad clean you go fit near her waiting them the use buy soap, shey na the same you go the complain say your girl is dirty, as Na her father for the buy for her you no the sleep with her again. You no want work but you want eat.

    • If a guy give u everything he will treat u like trash..but if you hav ur own money he will respect you…and moreover I don’t date broke gals?

    • Guy forget that talk man that will respect you will respect you, man that will not repeat you no matter the kin of money you have he will not still repect, like wise with woman too when you don’t want to Spen your money how will you date Broke girls, well all those wan is for girls that depen on guys she, as for me I work to get what I want am not a lazy type.

    • hmmmmm so you are indirectly telling us that you don’t depend on your fiance? lolz make i catch you @ peace Echi

    • @Peace Echi, I don’t understand what u wrote…but a real man respect a lady that can survive on her own…if u accept or not ur biz.

    • Women doesn’t suppose to depend on men likewise men, but that doesn’t mean the dude won’t spend or take care of her babe. Am an independent woman and am very proud to say it because I pay all my bills from A_Z without the assistant of any guy and in as much I do all that I hate stingy men in fact u instantly becomes unattractive once I discover that because giving is one of evidence of love even God gave his only son just because of love so why can’t we reciprocate

    • The funniest part is if you spend on her….she will call you a mugu….girls shaaa…una matter still dey heavens gate.

    • @Mercy Ihenacho …sure you will gv ur woman ..spoil her..doesn’t mean she will sorely depend on the guy..

    • I don’t understand how some ladies think ,he is your boyfriend doesn’t mean he is your bank account you should be able to work hard to be independent,gone are the days where women depend on man struggle for your survival,and stop waiting for your boyfriend to buy you everything mitcheeeew

  38. If you be my gf ehhh, na you go the spend talk more ATM card and pin,see as your face dey like dog wey de chop shit

  39. She’s not a worthy girlfriend if she can’t pity me and never ask for my ATM card and pin

  40. Na her mama help me gather the money wey she wan go cash out of the ATM machine??….any lady that says that is clearly a hole that dick by many cock so as for she to cash out….that kinda pussy Na zero level for my side o

  41. your father no fit give u him ATM? hungry girls like u are just commodities. ur type will teh only who knows who will date ur type. beautiful n decent ladies are many out there getting their wish without asking

  42. I don’t agree with her, yes is good a for your man to take care of you but is good you have your own cash too, work or do business

  43. Na she work for my pocket after all the sleepless nights I should give my ATM pin your father no get money Abi u no Sabi hustle na her type the fuck man for money. I never marry u ooo just girlfriend

  44. Whoever that lady is… Can someone help me tell her she’s the dumbest asshole in the like of a lady.. This is the sickest thing a lady can say..

  45. As for the girl love is not all about money, so don’t expect that from a guy, because is very hard to see

  46. Bab wake up to reality… We’ve got to a stage in life where everyone earns & take full responsibility of oneself.

  47. By their words you shall know them,she just exposes herself and tell d world d kind of girl she is…I wonder d kind of guy that will keep you as a girlfriend after reading this…,sit there and wait for a guy that will give you his life saving lazy girl.

  48. Is idiot like this I see in school lately, very lazy in every aspect and expecting lectures to dash them marks and end up saying lectures are wicked, if am a man chai ur own is finished. I will give u my atm bt u will we will both spend ur money, u are wise right. U rat. Disgracing ladies because u were born stupid, I guess u were nt carried for 9 months. Fool

  49. Omon that’s when I have used one of ur siblings for blood money. When u need money I will just tell u call ur father’s name. Ode oshe

  50. Where is the lady pls??? Am only seeing somebody that look lime fish stock…very ugly fish stock for that matter

  51. Did girl no get sense,y can’t u hustle,work and get ur own money must a man do evertin for u,some babes shaaa I hail oooo

  52. Did he make d money for u,Dis naija girls most of dem r funny sha no fear of God ehn I don’t bliv Dis if u work hard n b independent wat will happen

  53. No be say u even fine self. See ur mouth like buhari das y dem de use una for ritual olosho like u

  54. She needs to grow up first because she haven’t experience anything in life yet, she’s still talking like a kid

  55. When u finish all d money in 1 week, u guys leta got Maried, u will tell me what u will eat for d rest of yr life. Idiot!

  56. I will give mine cause i know not in dey d account but if u ask me for d one wey money dey imara na abum original Igbo boy

  57. This lady needs to download the new version of brain from play store so that she will be able to think like human being before she talk

  58. don’t go and get a job, no be only ATM na him life. your card nko. give him so he can flex for a day.

  59. Ara gbachie gi nti… Goat.. Man go suffer finish cm drop Atm 4 u bcus say na u born am.. Dis is y most girls end up in doom..

  60. Ur mate are working to become sometin in life u are looking fr boyfrnds atm, u must be a witch iyalaya eeee

  61. While some girls are dancing to d tune of #BossAssBitch#…..u are busy displaying ur #BrokeAssTrash# for all to see. No go find work….our men are not robots built to vomit money. Rubbish

  62. So upon all the so called flexing and you still look like this..hmmm.all the millions in d world cant clean you up.


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