Art & Humour This lady says she’d remain a virgin till she dies so she...

This lady says she’d remain a virgin till she dies so she can be a good example to her kids


Meet the Lady who says she will remain a virgin till she dies.. and she also wants to be a good example to her Kids!

90 year-old Virgin to be Immortalised in Akwa Ibom State

Brethren, please explain the sorcery behind this?

Virgin and you’d have kids? Lol

  1. If she says she will be a Virgin till she get married, i will understand. But how come she says she will remain a Virgin till death and still hope to have kids. Now I understand why my grandmother died a Virgin.

  2. Na waoh ooo… English is worrying some people!! So na him make she dey shine teeth??? Virgin ke hmmmn. I comment my rest!

  3. Can somebody help me tell her that no any kid that would not want to also have kids in future. Just kuku tell d truth say u dey look for Mr right,So we can pray for u to get one…

  4. Her sense is in her Virgina. Thats why she’s saying shits from her ass….. Her ass is the hot-spot… Her brain is d Wi-Fi…. So don’t blame her…. TYPICAL OLODO

  5. Yea u guys should help me ask her how she would remain a virgin and still bore kids to show example to her kids

  6. Hahahahhahahahahhahahahahaahahahaaaahaha virgin mom with kids…Maybe she would mold her kids with clay and teach the sculptures.

  7. Hmm, abeg make una help me explain give her coz all this one sef fit make person forget him surname

  8. virgin mom with kids.,wot a miracle. someone shud tell her not to provoke me. I ve recession to deal with jor

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  10. Wetin consign us….who ask you to be good example..!!!…if you like be virgin airline, na for your pocket,it doesn’t consign us

  11. She must be out of her mind I guess? How would she have a story to tell to her kid while she was virgin? Her brain mush have been hooked.. Sorry to say this

  12. Aw come madam, is it before you got married? But she said good example to her kids, how? Ebi we have gotting another Holy Mary in Nigeria naaàa.

  13. Madam how can u be a virgin and still raise ur kids with good morals..? U be Merlin or Lord of the Ring..?

  14. you na virgin marry o, lolz mumu, dey hope, Angel go visit you con put d pikin for ur belle anytime you wish. hahahaha

  15. If she’ll remain a Virgin.. That’s impressive.. But the part where she even intends having kids.. How’s that possible…?