Viral News Lady gets engaged 2 weeks after being dumped by her boyfriend of...

Lady gets engaged 2 weeks after being dumped by her boyfriend of 8 years


Someone shared the above gist on social media.

Could it be real?



  1. She must have been cheating on the guy all these while for her to get engaged just in two weeks

    • I got married to my husband within a month of meeting him and I was not in a relationship prior to that so maybe I was cheating on him too

    • Why can’t people just express their own opinion please? Must you attack someone for her own opinion? You don’t need to come into my comment to attack me. Yes it may be possible to marry that close but its also possible with what I said so please you girls should park well and learn to mind your business. We all have the right to our opinion

    • Your use of the words ‘must have been cheating on him’ made me react to your post.if you had said ‘maybe’ I wouldn’t have reacted.chill

    • Lemme tell you, your case is different from hers, you said you were not in a relationship at the time you got engaged and I don’t know when you left your last relationship but this person in question was in a 8yrs relationship which suddenly ended and just in two weeks she got engaged. What happened to the love she use to have for that guy all through the 8years? Did it just disappear in two weeks? What happened to having a heartbreak and finding it hard to move on? Do you know there are cases where this kind of person, takes poison or any other harmful thing? What happened to her being depressed over the break up? Or do you want to tell me she never loved the guy all through these years? The truth still remains that it is not possible for one to just end a long relationship of 8years and move on in two weeks, if it happens then its either she used to cheat, she never loved him truly or she is just using that new relationship to mend her broken heart which is not good for the new guy. I advice we see reasons with people’s opinion before attacking the person because you made your opinion differently does not mean my opinion is wrong, we only need to see reasons from that person’s side.

    • Hmmmm…she might not be cheating…ladies have their lucks in different ways…I dated for 9 years and got married recently…so that’s not a big deal.

  2. Hold me very well so he marry you. You were dumped by boyfriend of 8 years, whats the assurance that you won’t be dumped by new boy friend. pls check yourself, if the fault is from you, then change but if its not from you, hold him very well

  3. They re not meant for eachoda. That eight years spent together is just to catch funny together…. They owner av ring his woman

  4. Many girls are hindrance to men…I remember 2012 wen I was dating a girl.during Xmas period I will just be broke even wen she ask for funds to buy her Xmas clothes I wount see at all.then lata she left me cos I gat no money…but since I left her,I know how much am worth every December… Then I told my friends tha “” now wen the money Don dey,nobody to spend am on,no gf””…so most girls are hindrance to men!!!!!

  5. Maybe d new guy Don dey pray make dem break up, dey break up finish oh boy just pick am! Hold him tyt fa u don’t know d tym he don dey eye u o


  7. For some ladies the only emulsion(emotion) they know is paint.Am sure she was dating the guy she got engaged to at the same time with the one she broke up with eventually…sharp babe

  8. let’s ur heart spread its wings and fly again. remember u may find love and lose it, bt wen love dies u never had to die wit it.


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