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Ladies, Take Note: These are 10 Things a Man Will Notice About You in 10 Minutes


Men are known to be very good at observing ladies when they are attracted to them. These are some things a man can notice about a woman in a few minutes.

“Just the kind of drink you choose or the amount of cleavage you show can make a huge difference”.

1. Sunny smile:

relationship-theestle-23The way you smile can say a lot about the person you are. Make sure that if you are meeting a guy for the first time you are don’t come across as someone who’s eager to please him and therefore is laughing at all his jokes a tad too enthusiastically.

At the same time don’t appear too stern by keep a serious face.

2. Dress it up:

What you wear is obviously one of the first things that a guy is likely to judge you on. Whether you are a tom boy or a girly girl… all is revealed by the way you dress and most guys will decide whether to make a move or back off just by looking at the way you dress.

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  1. Ladies are also good at bottling up feelings. I think whatever feelings you think she has towards you is the one she decided to let you know

  2. Yeah, guys will always try to keep tabs on any girl they love…..to avoid garbage in and out.

  3. Yh + Some Guys are foolish to some extent that when they make eye contact twice with any gurl. = the gurl like them be dat.

  4. yes love is good when you meet a good man,dat is when u will know dat guys are good bt dont try to meet rough one bços he will make Nigeria to turn to ghana for u. hi guys!