Art & Humour Ladies… This man is searching for a wife… Come and See His...

Ladies… This man is searching for a wife… Come and See His Requirements


Well, do you want to get married this year? Here’s an eligible bachelor who wants to get married.

He listed out his requirement below…



  1. Owk, no problem, just wait, dem never even born ur baby. Oga, u no include virgin ni, abi u no like virgin

  2. He is a big time fool, “natural hair and must be a tigress in bed”. “she must show him her bank statement”. You are a thief.

  3. I like this. Now as we all know most ladies always have a list of preferences they want in a guy. Rich, handsome, height, blah blah. So why can’t a guy have his own wants and needs. The list maybe over the top and overly dramatic but do not be fooled. EVERY GUY WANTS A PARTICULAR THING FROM A LADY THEY WANNA GET MARRIED TO, LIKEWISE THE LADIES TOO.. Besides in this generation no one wanna marry a liability. A girl has got to bring something significant to the table besides just her body…My opinions tho..!!

  4. don’t need to insult him,his requirements ain’t that bad but I think he ll have to mould the lady himself, give her those qualification and then marry her..

  5. See how he looks he isn’t even attractive to at least like wats on the outside,mumu2 you want bank statement you have shown how foolish you are.receive sensenl in Jesus name can’t it be forged a tigress .a science graduate idiot u r looking for a nurse abi.I pity your mum you are a disgrace.the nonsense guy never wrote a woman who fears god am sure the devil is playing away match on ur destiny cause you will surely be a divorcee with all these criterias except its a joke.natural hair is your penis stil natural

  6. Just go back to the garden of eden and make the girl simple…….. You can bring me one o wen coming, i no mind….. oga o

  7. this dude is making it look like getting a husband is very difficult.. pls dnt scare women..

  8. This guy go wait tire and then when he is tired of waiting, he will go and look for any wife wey come his way….

  9. HA, Ladies and gentlemen wetin I dey see so he has got one candidate,she even put phone number @Regina

  10. Marriage requirements or employment requirements? No wonder,at this age wey all ur mates don born finish, u still dey town dey look for wat u cannot see.did ur mother ve all dat b4 ur dad agreed to marry her? My brother d witches in ur village re playing with ur destiny.

  11. Cute e nor cute sef talkmore of handsome…. Hourglass ni body kor…. Tigress in bed but no account of cheating… ELECTRONICALLY CHARGED BABOON…

  12. #wehdoneSir✋ But just know you will remain single till Christ comes And your foolishness is forever Temiloluwa Okunade Christelle Motunrayo Ogunyoola Oyewonuola Oyewole André Ozeghe You people should come and carry your uncle o

  13. na d bank alc part dey fear d ladies, cos they knw most of them av 100%personality bank alc nil

  14. Ewoooo am not sure this dude is for real what a petulant talk he will remain single for a very long time with that list of his

  15. Kai, ladies ladies,u guys shud wish him well n stop cursing. I no say Na women go provoke pass.

  16. The fact we dey harmattan doesn’t mean thunder can’t strike, I would have said you should wait for my granddaughter but it’s none of my business. Let me come & be going

  17. People like this got nothing but they’re always looking for everything uncle get clay and mold whatever you want oloriburuku somebody I hope you have those qualities you’re looking if not thunder fire YOU

  18. Bro come nearer,,,just come..Don’t be sacred n don’t get too close…Now say after me,,,every power using my sense to play chess die by fire..Oya prayer…

  19. Please ladies ,mk onay cool down … No need of all this insult abeg , wetin I think onay 4 ask am,e dis …. Your mama or your sisters get all those qualifications ? E b like say na abroad him dey nii, U know welder na oyibo malaria dey do am over there?

  20. Please no need to search again just ask God to come take u b cos there are so many of dem in heaven, mumu come kiss my ass fool.

  21. I see ladies insulting him over here!! But some of y’all ugly ass females over here can demand for a man who’s good in bed .rich .handsome . bla bla bla Nd wanna get away with it! Right? God go let me catch one scape goat way day find Mr Right again!

    • Mr Man,looking for Mr “Right ” is different from looking for Mr “perfect” am sure no lady az ever said she’s looking for Mr “perfect”,he is looking for Miss “perfect”, and as a gentleman u don’t insult a lady not for any reason, ever!!!!!

    • Oh now it’s miss perfect and not miss right? Lol ..I’ve heard you .keep the excuses coming its cool This looks more like searching for Miss right! Nd not miss perfect the fact that u don’t or can never meet the requirements doesn’t give u a reason to insult him! As a Classy ladies u don’t insult a man for no reason! How about that! *BrowsUp* *ArmsCrossed*

    • For the guys!!! Girls be like……. He has to be certified TDH and now they have added R ie TDH + R = TDHR. Why una dey cry like this bikonu? Lmao!

  22. Make ona no worry, my village gods has all d listed criteria n is coming to him for formal introduction

  23. Lolzzzz let me cum and b going,maybe d girl d u waiting is staying in Maiduguri and u know she cnt come out cos of bokoharam. I advice u go fetch her dai.

  24. Abeg try sleep eh after u sleep…think and dream abaut ur foolishness den after dreaming classify urself among d category of animals way u belong…Either #Goat or Cow# den wake up and delete dat post.

  25. You will remain single for life idiot.What arrant nonsense. Ladies screen any man that proposes to you before accepting cos it’s obvious most of them are jobless

  26. He’s an attention seeker, he wants to be popular/famous by all means….. Oga shift!!!

  27. Then my brother you will have to keep search for the rest of your life.oh better still get married to virgin mary

  28. No record of cheating yet you want recommendations from former boyfriends,you are confused,n i wonder who you are what are you bringing on table.

  29. Please did the man attach his own qualifications? Cause I didn’t see it anywhere o…. Iranu… Mtcheeeeeeeeeew…. 2017trend…..

  30. Oboi…….Try sum where else. Wat kind of requirements are these? U go Old wit white white bear bear

  31. Omo babes dey vex for here ooo but plz d guy no get money na him make am dey talk all that rubbish

    • All this things are what u want in one person abi? Why didn’t u had ur own qualifications. Who are I don’t even think u have a secondry school results to my place we call people like u woman wrapper.

  32. Laughing in Swahili, we’re are all the girls you dated, guy, there isn’t anything called a perfect lady, so my dear I advice you go on your kneels and ask your maker your missing ribs from the ones you’ve dated inthe past and stop the search.

  33. Please can you draw up your own CV. The girl needs to have an of what she is actually apply for. Ewu cambia

  34. My dear, I am not sure that you really want to settle down….well, mummy water posses those attributes!!!

  35. And personally I don’t think u wrote this shit yourself because a well educated minded person will never write this shit

  36. Please someone should give this guy 2 cards. One for being stupid, two incase if he loses the first one!

  37. Useless man wetin him mama be when him papa come marry am, imperfect men looking for a perfect woman.

  38. I don’t blame you , after all women must get married. I just pray you don’t give birth to a girl becouse if you do, she will also apply for husband someday.

  39. Rada Rada in Jenifa’s voice. What is your concernment with bank certificate sorry statement. Ole!

  40. Wow like seriously, oh boy u don man oh. U said she should attash written recommendation from at least two former boy friend. My guy u need serious prayer because this one is more than madness I think u are cause

  41. Who him elp… Who him create…. Who him try…. Who is his last girlfriend…. Finally who is he…..i shake my head for him

  42. At the end u might marry a witch..requirement my foot, instead him to ask God his heart desire his here setting jamb exam..

  43. Likeseriously, this guy no well @all. His not even ashamed of himself, what of if ur family go through this ur request Lolz. U r a big fool

  44. Most of the times these men ask for so many things when They themselves are far from the requirements they are seeking

  45. Mumu com take torchlight and candle take find this kind woman wen u need! man like you do not have character at all! Saint MuMu!

  46. Chaiii women suffer o. See whose talking? Smh. You go try do dry fast for ten years make you beg God to create your own wife for you. Because she’s not in this planet.

  47. Chaaai mtchew is a pity bcos d is is irreversible bcos d witches dat did dis to has been buried but dat is not d problem d is dat wia dey buried d witches dat did dis to u can no longer b located dat is y ur sense will never come together anymore.but let tell wot u will do it will break d spell just do 50 days and 50 nights dry fasting and prayerssssss goodluck

  48. See this old school farmer….na so your mama dey before your papa married her…old cargo

  49. See him two Left legs….if l woz u go humble.. Yeye De spoil.see ur life na make u never marry….

  50. Na craz the worry you sha!, you smoke high before you write those things? Wait make we #ladies#write our own give you.rubbish!!! Baes una don suffer.

  51. See him like imbecile his face looked like my grandpa coming back from tapping palmwine under sun.

  52. For him to post this in social media means he has searched for that and became tired,but you forgot to list your own qualification, I mean your worth, pls tell us your occupation, education level, where you reside your own bank statement, etc,at least we will compare you with what you want,,,,

  53. Iam not pleased with all this insult, crafted for him, every human has a test, this are his, let him shine while it last.

  54. See e face he’s not even attractive sef u want natural hair,tigress in bed,nd she must show u her bank statement idiot,y not go back to garden of eden nd tell God all diz weda he no go push u comot mumu,u want natural hair like Ur dick dey natural tunder fire u. #yourfather#

  55. guys i don’t think this guy is looking for a wife he’s only looking for someone he will use for money

  56. Hahaha.. This is really funny.. I’m sure this man didn’t mean it… I guess he was only being sarcastic…

  57. Girls are busy running their mouths here. I know some serious ones must have sent their CV. Hahaha

  58. Bros make I no cus you, I was just passing by, just one word for you, you for done tell the lady say na she go be the beard winner in for her house, because na she go marry you no be you go marry am he goat

  59. Wow…. I think am beginning to like dis guy, but wait o, are you a human being like me or you are an angel from heaven with all this requirement bros you go try rest o waiting, na only you dey where snow dey fall? My brother I no sure say u don ready to marry when u ready call dis number 081419…….

  60. My dear pls look for important things post ok . Ladies pls becareful all glitters re nt gold ,

  61. At ur age ur still searching for a wife??Mƴ brother i would hv said d devil is dancing wt ur ɗestiny ɓt it none of my bizness

  62. What an insult on womanhood , Even if d woman have all the requirements dis yeye man will not respect her. Mind what u are posting.

  63. Have got just one place for this forever bachelor to get his dream wife, the mortuary . people there are very perfect they don’t move until you ask them to.

  64. Lol… Those ladies with such his requirements don’t need to apply for wife na. Guys have married them long ago without wasting of tym. It’s only those club girls, prostitutes, nd others that will b applying to b ur wife at d moment

  65. Ladies u guys should not mind his stupidity, who him help who him requirements server him don bath?or Is him de second Jesus Christ or Obama first son not Buhari ooo I can see, dis man is not created by God is a devil candidate don’t mind him joor is looking who will sin, God pass nah,who tell him dat is looking for ugly real face like him see who like batter tin ooo

  66. If don’t have this qualifications I can’t marry somebody like you cos you not my taste then what of if I have

  67. Chai!!!! Did guy oooo, in fact the thunder that will strike will be like a doctor’s prescription, 3 in d morning, 3 in the afternoon and 3 in the night…

  68. Oloriburuku somebody…… Who u EPP?….. Its obvious his village people have use his brain for Nkwobi

  69. dis is very funny i must say, buh seriously….. Is dis guy well @ all? Can any of ur family member (female’s) meet dis requirement?

    • For were…. If by mistake you go to their house, you will find out that all his sisters have children out of wedlock, and sitting at home doing nothing..

  70. To be sincere i have all the qualifications you want and i am ready to show you my bank statement, but honey I don’t have any teeth again!!! And I also have two conjoin nose, will you marry me?

  71. ok iam ready,my bank statement will be forwarded to u.but i will like to know ur bank statement first.Where can we see bc i have all the qualifications.WHERE DO U LIVE?

  72. This type of man seeking for all these qualifications can’t even satisfy d tigress he’s looking for,I wonder if he’s still a man maybe he’s just saying all these so he will not be blamed tomorrow if he finally gets married without anything t show.yeye

  73. I kno Ladies ll react like mad on dis post,i tink his free to express wat he wants in his wife to b,evryone has wat he or she want in life partner,under minding nt displayd like dis,he cud gt wat he d beta way to gt quality life partner is seeking d opinion of God

  74. brotherly ur requirements re obtainable all u need do is to die and go to heaven and marry them as much as u want.

  75. This guy no just get work at all.If person get work all dis requirement he for no mention dem at all.Just attention seeker is what I see here.

  76. Oga ade see how women dey yaab you , na which qualification u want MSC BSC or B TECH . Boda u be be wazoo oooo.

  77. Omotola Olajumoke Yinusa-Olatunji Yinusa Oladimeji Yinusa Babjide Yinusa Omotayo u gat to read tis

  78. Hmmmmm…..bros….u for don talk say life e yaff tire u ni. Actually, this lady u are looking for is out of dis world….planet….universe….anyone. Maybe u should try Neptune or Pluto….oh…forgot Pluto was missing…. Try d new planet. Then maybe….just maybe u’ll find her there. Okponu oshi!!!!

  79. Olori buruku aburo oloshi lol with his k leg and diagonal head Onyinye PurpledreamEzechukwu Vivian Awoji Okonkwo-Eje

    • Hahahahahhahahaaaaa…Hahahahahhaha Hahahahahhaha. It is sick. You know things like this are called only beings.human can’t be attached.Lol …no be small diagonal head it even looks like a

  80. Wait ooh, he even wants referral letter from two previous boyfriends, this guy is a clown. His future wife’s mum is still in kindergarten 1.

  81. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…. There is nothing you won’t find on facebook….. Hahahahahahahaha… Can’t stop laughing

  82. No one is perfect u just have make the imperfect person perfect, if a man wants 10 qualities in a woman and she has 6 of them then you know that she as tried and that’s when you as a man needs to look at yourself and search your heart if you as a man has the whole qualities

  83. Who no get money for account? At least i have up to na money. Guy make thunder wey no get brake visit you. You should have used indirect way tell us that you are applying for sugar mummy, idiot

  84. Guy dat shoe dat you are wearing z it Italian or aboki made shoe? Na only question i asked maka na onye ajuju anahi efu uzo

  85. Impressive, why can’t you write letter to God to send your wife from heaven (oniranu)

  86. Assuming the guy even fine e for better. He con de ask for hourglass and natural hair. I sure pass sey d idiot bald so. Arrant rubbish


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