Technology What are the benefits of LED-TV?

What are the benefits of LED-TV?


Modern flat screen televisions have the different screen diagonal. They may be of any size. In addition, the LED-TV may have any specifications and be equipped with a different set of innovative technologies. They may have a different design. Each of the manufacturers embodies its proprietary technology developments. For example, many models of LG and Samsung boasts the thinnest bezel framing the screen. Due to its minimal thickness of the image as it “floats” in space.


LED-TV are modern multimedia devices, equipped with connectors for external storage media, DVD-player, camera etc. To illuminate the screen in TV, LED are used thousands of individual diodes. Each of them is responsible for a separate area.

It is also important that there are two main types of LED-lights – the side with the white LED Edge LED and rear with red, blue and green LED Backlight.


LED-TVs have several advantages that make them compete successfully with other screen panels:

  • The high contrast of the image (ie the highest brightness of white and dark black), significantly superior contrast ratio of traditional LCD matrices. Thus, the LED model implements high-quality images even in low-contrast areas. The user also will appreciate the natural colors of the displayed image.
  • Image Sharpness. There are no “blurs”! Due to the high detalization image is truly realistic. LED viewing angles are wide, as in the latest plasma screens.
  • Low electricity consumption. Today, when the electric power becomes very expensive TVs power consumption is a very important issue. And LED-TV is ideal for every thrifty person. It is known that compared to conventional LCD, LED illumination models can save up to 40% of energy.
  • Environmentally friendly. The LED lighting is no mercury. All LED-TVs leading manufacturers certified according to European and international environmental standards, differing by the strict rules.
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  • Modern ultra-thin design. Among the proposals there can be seen models with 2.5-mm thickness. This TV is easy to fit into your home decor. Occupying little space, it will not disturb interior harmony.
  • Extensive additional features. Current models have a set of connectors and interfaces for connecting digital devices. They support a variety of audio, photo, and video, as well as provide access to the Internet without a laptop, a full communication on Skype, downloading apps directly to the TV, and other important features..


If we talk about the shortcomings of LED-TVs, consider it to be a relatively high cost. Nevertheless, the decline in LED-TV prices is observed on the market.

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