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Kenyan Man Proposes To His Girlfriend In a Romantic Way At The Airport (photos)




A Kenyan man held a spectacular proposal at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport that has left tongues wagging.

Antony Buluma Samba proposed to his fiance Gettie Nthiiri at the arrival gates as she jetted in.

The proposal was well orchestrated with a group which included family, friends and colleagues flashed sign cards with the proposal question. The signs spelt out “Gettie will you marry me?”.


As Gettie an employee of Parliament of Kenya walked through the arrival halls, she found Buluma on bended knee where he then popped the question. After Gettie accepted, the crowd cheered and a band which was also part of the proposal party belted colorful tunes.

Unbeknownst to Gettie, Mr Bulama – an alumnus of the United States International University –, had actually arrived at the airport Monday evening to prepare for the big moment.


Prior to proposing, Mr Bulama patiently held a large bunch of flowers, while he waited for his partner to arrive. Spotting his other half approaching, a smile erupted on his face and he went down on his left knee, popped the question as a band equipped with a musical keyboard and a guitar serenaded her.


Heartwarming photos showed Gettie running toward her boyfriend and throwing herself into his arms.

As Gettie said ‘yes’, the assembled crowds cheered and a clatter of smartphone shutter sounds followed like a round applause.


“This is God’s doing. I give Him the glory. He is worthy to be praised. Thank you all who took part in making this real. To Gettie Nthiiri you are my choice. I found you and discovered a beautiful thing. You are my love; may God be our guide,” Mr Bulama said after Gettie accepted his proposal.


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