Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Kemi Olunloyo ridicules Laura Ikeji on her registry marriage and wedding dress

Kemi Olunloyo ridicules Laura Ikeji on her registry marriage and wedding dress


Here’s what Kemi Olunloyo had ro say about Laura Ikeji’s wedding…

#HNNLove Congrats to #LauraIkeji on getting married. However many ppl have asked me to critique this picture as a #socialcritic. The photo is retouched. That is not her hand. Too bony, people say she’s hiding a baby bump. Registry marriages usually mean you are either pregnant or poor. For Laura Ikeji and a brother of a footballer? What happened to your double wedding shit in #Nigeria? Traditional and white. So what if she’s preggo? Bout time one of those gals gave their mom a grandchild. One thing very wrong in this picture is the Ogbonna Kanu dude’s hair. Its disgusting. He has a receding hairline those braids are pulling back and moving steadily. He will have that #rihanna forehead full blown soon coupled with being bald. His braiding person should be shot at the firing squad. He looks messy! Total rating for the loud money hungry Ikeji girls, Linda could have gifted her a more decent wedding dress . For crying out loud, Laura calls herself #FashionBlogger of 2016… in what country??? #hnnstyle
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"Thank you for putting up with me, thank you for being there for me through everything, thank you for always loving me" -Iyabo Ojo's Writes Letter to Her



  1. Whether court marriage or not, the truth still remain that Laura is married and will be referred to Mrs Laura KANU, where as kemi at your age you are still miss kemi olunloyo. You should be ashamed of your old age but unfortunately you have no brain. Happy married life to you Laura KANU, let haters go to hell.

  2. This OLUNLOYO woman bi MONITORING SPIRIT?..wetin concern you eehn?!….You just sit your sorry a** somewhere and start criticising other people lives..wetin concern you??..

  3. Tatafo.. Somebody will not marry they will talk somebody marry again they talk, abeg mama kuku kill me.. Na waoo

  4. Okay thank you ma, but wait lemme ask, how is that your business? Is their parent complaining of not going traditional? What do you gain in attacking people? Are you even married at all? Do you have children? Because if you do, they will be the ones to suffer for all these stupid acts of yours. Why can’t you shamelessly mind your business? And what if she don’t dress elegantly as you want, how is that affecting your life? And if she is pregnant, what does it have to do with you? Stay out of peoples life and face YOURS

  5. I hate this woman’s character. She is so annoying…. Like, really really annoying… Wait, is it that the work of this woman called kemi is to sit down one place and criticize people? Dont she have better work to do other than to just be criticizing people anyhow she likes

  6. Mtcheeww. Pls can u guys stop making this thing a celebrity 4 no good? She makes me get angry all the time.Thanks

  7. What is wrong with this psychotic demented woman?! Why can’t this old hag go and get a life?! Must she constitute herself into a nuisance? Am just feeling so embarrassed for her kids. How unfortunate that they have this nut job as a mom

  8. Na oh i thought its only reccession thats affecting some people….guess there is more….i afraid for some people and their problem.#continue in patience voice

  9. Thanks @ LOVETH for telling her where she belong and she is not even ashamed to speak to a married woman

  10. Dis man made really needs help cus I no sure say na d papa God wey I dey serve create dis one. Busy body mtcheeeeew

  11. Na today Nigerians know say Kemi is mad and foolish. Stupid old cango witch. She just want recognition. I curse d day u were born.

  12. Keep criticising ur younger ones ehn,,,while they are getting married n having kids…I pity ur old age,,,by the time u enter menopause u go no say no be play…Sister MENOPAUSE is real

  13. For crying out loud. Linda would have done same thing. Wat goes around coms around. Linda post this on ur blog

  14. She is very beautiful n her dress fits her well. She sold have dress indecently rite ? Or wear gold bcoz she’s Linda’s Sis. This is wat humility can do

  15. Pls,u people should stop telling us dat “U ar not mandated to bring someone” bcos its not true…..if u dont get people,they wont pay u any kobo…I paid someone 7,400 n up till today,nobody has paid me!!

  16. It depends on the team u register, like our team dey is spillover for our downlines everyday, so u are nt eligible to bring ppson, cus we as ur upline registering pple evry day

  17. The way i don dey hate this Kemi if she’s on fire and I have a gallon of water to save her life I would just drink it..

  18. Kemi you just foolish shall, bad belle na to wear expensive cloth ni next divorce, biko go n get married n buy 1 billion naira dress. Ass hole mugu

  19. This woman sef, must you talk, imagine at your age you are still miss kemi olunloyo. You should be ashamed of your old age

  20. Exactly what is the problem of this woman, always saying things that doesn’t concern her. tatafo! pot calling kettle black

  21. Kemi, you be Aunty Patricia, men are knocking and menopause is knocking, unless you want to discover Mungo Park

  22. Kemi na wa for you. Your own sef too much. But Linda is good at digging out the shit in people’s life… But all the same happy married life. At least you’ve one step ahead of them both


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