Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Kemi Olunloyo Blasts Governor Ambode For Arresting Pretty Mike For Putting Girls...

Kemi Olunloyo Blasts Governor Ambode For Arresting Pretty Mike For Putting Girls On Dog Chains


Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo who is daughter of a former Governor of Oyo state, Victor Olunloyo has blasted the Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode for arresting club owner, Pretty Mike over his allegedy awkward behaviour of putting women on chains and taking them out for events.

Kemi wrote:

“I have lost all respect for Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos state and urge every Lagosian NEVER TO VOTE FOR HIM IN 2019. These politicians are so manipulative that they feel they can control we the masses and censor us.

There is a freedom of speech and freedom of expression clause in the Nigerian constitution just like the US First amendment that I’m used to. @prettymikeclubuno displayed his freedom of expression by leashing his girls to his public events and appearances. The ladies NEVER complained. Did the governor have to order his arrest??

He did NOT dehumanize them. If there is such a law against dehumanization of citizens in the state, how come citizens are doused with petrol and killed after stealing in public? Gov Ambode, how come movie maker Seun Egbegbe was dehumanized at Computer Village after allegedly stealing iphones?

Kemi Olunloyo regains freedom after almost 90 days in jail

How come u allow vigilante justice in your state and have never addressed the police absence issue allowing citizens to freely dehumanize others. A club owner uses a foreign style seen on catwalks, MTV and award shows and u immediately order his arrest and ask him to sign a fake anticonstitutional document. IT IS SIMPLY UNFAIR, ABUSE OF POWER AND AGAINST THE LAW.

I leashed my three children in the United States as they could dart into traffic and one kid once went missing for 4 hours in a mall as a toddler. With the rate of ritualistic gbomogbomo kid-nappers in Lagos and other states, parents will start leashing their young kids in crowded markets an old thing abroad.

You forcefully want Lagos to be modern but still selective. Are u gonna start arresting parents too and seizing the kids? Did ur government disclose the investigation to the public? We journalists deserve to know what Mike’s ladies had to say. Mr Governor u acted like an illiterate. Ignorance does not EXCUSE STUPIDITY.”

    • Shut up there fool..u just open ur public toilet to talk nonsense..did he force the girls? Are they ur sisters either? The girls wen dey sleep with dogs nkor? Na ur sisters them be? They agreed to wear the chains becos they are dogs.and besides they were paid

    • Kush Bishop can u shut the fuck up. Yes we all know the girls are stupid for allowing that, but am sure pretty Mike wouldn’t want his sister to be treated like that

      • Shut ur mouth for chtist sake, d girls collected their payments if you have forgotten an besides they weren’t complaining about it

    • wat goes arround comes arround, so bcos they re well paid immorality shld be encourage, especially sleeping with dogs, whatever diseases contacted frm those dogs dnt be surprise a member of ur family may partake in it blindly

    • Extra ordinary freedom is an extra ordinary madness…… People do lots of stupid things this days….. But what did the governor ambode did that is wrong for kemi to attack him…..

  1. Were is the Lagos law wen girls are sleeping with animals for money? The oda day here a girl died afta sleeping with an alhaji’s monkey and am itz good she ended like that….pretty mike neva forced dem girlz to wear the chains.they wore the chains becos they are dogs….keep doing ur work boss mike

    • Mam onyisi stop the trash u just spit out (y cursing dat guy) girls nd money this days y didn’t dat pretty mike use guys I know say alot of guy no fit be on chain bcus of money when they are not dogs but girls nd money anyway I can’t blame them

  2. This kemi is suffering from something i dont know, She is the wrong definition of Freedom of Speech….she uses her speech anyhow, I think she should be on Chains too…. Oloriburuku woman•••

  3. For d first time i wud b supporting her statement….those gurls are jus trying to fend for themselves in dis harsh economy…moreover,they are above 18years of age….if dem say dem no o do,nobody o kill dem…

    • Do u want to tell me that this man has no better way or better job for those girls than to chain them. As a woman u speak like this am sorry for u. For all a man made in life, he did not achieve them by his strength but by the power and love of God and also Gods favour up on him so I expect he uses it in a better way not by chaining girls BC he feels they need money. Yes those girls may have accepted BC they have responsibility but I also believe that if he offered them better job and good pay they will also do the job so if u want to give a job and pay to someone give it the right way and wait for a better reward

    • Since you are born till now how many people have u seen on the road and offer them a life time help or have any body offered u any

    • They wanted it…… Those girls most be harlot because that is not there first time of been with him……….

    • The owner of facebook is a very big man even when he came to Nigeria for a visit how many people did he help……. Dangote cement is sold for 2500 per bag can’t he reduce it and help builders but he didn’t secondly we have many billionaire in Nigeria how many of them have helped the youth and empower them financially……… None….. But someone also got his own money and spend it in his own way and others are complaining

      • Dangote did not reduce d price of cement buh created different job opportunities likewise other billionaires in Nigeria. Wat has dis Mike created? Dogs in d street cos he felt he can do anything wit his money. Do u feel dat is sensible? Nigerians only believe d way dey can be helped is wen dis rich people start sharing money to d public, buh believe it or not if Dangote decide to give 100 Nigerian youth 1million naira each today ask dis beneficiaries for d money in 3months and I can bet dat 90% of dem can’t account for it. Let’s wake up Nigerians..

    • I love equal justice………. No body has the right to arrest him… He did not violate the law….

    • Nahhhhhh don’t say they are struggling to survive,will you say ritualists are good because they are struggling to survive


  4. Were d girls forced? Dey a looking for quick money dey too shld b arrested n jail to serve as a lesson to orda girls dat refused to do somtin tangible rather selling deir diginty

    • U are senseless. Even if they accept. Its still possible they went for a better job BC they need money and the man told them this is the only way he can help them since most rich men won’t hep or give u job without making a fool of that person

    • Onyisi Anumbor, u are the one who is brainlessness. Point is there, the girls should also be arrested. Did he force them?

  5. Kemi olunloyo! kemi olunloyo!! kemi olunloyo!!!. How many times did i call you, receive brain in Jesus name, Amen

  6. I wish I can see dis woman…. Put chain for her neck and give her to pretty mike without collecting kobo.And in case he gives me money sha I no go refuse you knw its not gud to reject gifts especially money. Let’s meet at MMM watch night….

  7. About 3 years ago, some girls were molested. Some Chinese men based in lagos used dogs to rape these girls forcefully right here in Lagos, when it was reported nothing was done and no human right activist took the case. Both the government and activist are fake, all they are after is fame and money nothing more.

    • Who said is forcefully, were u there?they would have offer them moni to sleep with their dogs with agreement. That is not our business because that is what they want.chaining girls is disrespectful to the society

    • Why attack me, we are all stating our opinions and i have the right to state mine. The case was brought to my office, so i am quite familiar with the case.

    • Those ladies been raped were auditors and bcos does chinese men didn’t want them to do their job they brutalised them. So i am so familiar with the case

    • If I understand what your saying… U m chaining a girl is disrespectful but them sleeping with dogs is normal…….. U people should use your sense and law……… For example I place a bet that no body can finish 10 loafs of bread and bet 900000..and someone did it and collected the money… If the person suffer it at the end how did it concern me…. Did I force him

    • Those ladies did what the needed to do…… Because they wanted to do it…… Why are you people talking off point….. The government will tell you to go to school before you can be employed……. U will rit jamb and will not get admission.. U go-to the back and look for how to get admission…. U succeeded in getting admission and rot exam and the lecturer fail u and u hustle and bustle and came out and start looking for a job.. Then if you get government will not pay you…. All this things is it not happening in Nigeria…… What is the difference between this and that one

    • Did the guy kill them….? Or did he strip them naked? Did he refuse to pay them? Why then will he be arrested…… May be the guy didn’t go-to because this guy will win in the court of law with all point

  8. Common Sense nor Common,This unleash or whatever is called is not in our Culture and morally I think is Dehumanizing and should not be encouraged in our society, Kemi Olunloyo should never be taken seriously if she can insult her own father in social media..

  9. From history I know the Oyos are sensitive people. But this Kemi Oluloyo, I do not understand maybe she is an illegitimate offspring of the Oyos.

  10. What a shame on those ladies in the name of money! Imaging how some ladies are wasting away because of what they want to enjoy.What will he enjoy in putting chains on those ladies like dogs,if truly,they have not presented themselves as dogs?These are the kind of ladies that could,in the musical video or movie,expose their secreat part for money.Nothing suppose to be their reasons for doing this,if they are not mad.However, the word of God must be fulfill.

  11. Hu the hell is dis guy,,,putting chain on lady neck,ar the dogs? He should have use his moda and sistas 4 dat,well I Dnt really blame him dat much,I blame the stupid lady,s hu allowed dem self to be use in such manners in the name of hustling 4 money,and as for u mike or wat ,the money dat u have 2 day dat ur using to tumment people is from God,but if u Dnt Knw he to make use if it God will take it away from u ,rubbish

  12. What is wrong with this woman self, she must be stupid, useless..I hope dey chain ur daughter like dat. Stupid idiot. U need medical attention, hope ambode will still arrest u for blasting him, idiot!!!

  13. If at all human being is God i wonder what would have happened! A human being no matter d circumstances of life to be using those girls like an animal with chain, very bad!

  14. Yes! She’s actually right on this. Those girls gave their consent. This is not a case of forceful labour besides they’re mature enough.

  15. I watched his interview, the interviewer asked him if someone chains his daughter wat will he do?? he said he will call his daughter nd ask her if she is okay, den if d girl respond she is okay den he will be okay with it. Dat is a big lie from the pit of hell.

  16. Can’t u see de girls facial expression showing dat de are even enjoying it nobody forced dem de deliberately offered themselves

  17. Madam.. Pls panting lie to look like true… Does not mean is truth.. Don’t make your children an society start hating you…

  18. I can see that this lady knows how to talk rubbish, Datz how she will be talking like a senseless being everything, well I dnt take her words serious since the day she insulted her own father, n not only her father what about Linda ikeja? She told her few weeks ago to get a cream to clear her ankle…

  19. What are we all saying here. How is that the governor’s job discription? Are the girls being forced for this. I mean, they willingly got dressed and accepted the chains.

  20. Fine the ladies weren’t forced like some of you said….But what is it called when you are helping someone with condition?This is consentment out of duress…. What’s the duress there you are likely to ask.Duress there is that those girls aren’t doing it happily but cos the money they needed from it which is the force here. Why can’t the man find another job he can pay them for ?

    • Do you know what….most of all these big girls in Lagos that I know are very lazy and lousy, and don’t want to work but looking for easier way to make money…. I believe even if he offered them decent job, they “might ” turn it down. Not all of them though, and am talking from experience.

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    • Kemi is a fool..always aving replies to things…woman get a better life….as a mother watch over ya children n stop giving stupid reply to things….rather to church for deliverance like he said…

  22. Those ladies were not forced by power but out of financial will they were forced to accept such animalistic act because they will be paid handsomely but the question is if this guy who is a poor man comparing with people like Mark zukerberg the CEO of Facebook and many others which I know am not suppose to compare them with this guy called pretty whatever if he will be going around chaining ladies because they came from a poor family what will people like Dangote Mike adenuga and the rest of them do? My friend pls this kind of life is really Born out of selfishness

  23. Who gave birth to this monkey in the Zoo. Can u hear urself at all. These are children or kids. Why don’t u bring ur Dughters so he can put chain on them and walk anywhere he want. Wait till it happens to u.

  24. Am beautifully sure there is no more both six in this woman brain again how can a normal human being talk as if nah semi human being dey talk

  25. U S put it on the back not d neck..nigéria dem too dey over do ..dat one na Small pinkin no b adult lik dat

  26. Everybody with dere story, but don’t forget life is all about business and making money…. Nobody force u just think twice

  27. This lady is a disgrace to woman hood What is not Good is not Good Help me ask her how she gonna feel if that idiot pretty whatever married her daughter n put her on chain n come to her house with her daughter on chain She quoted she chained her kid help me ask her those girls are they kids that can go missing? I think that lady is crazy she need chain too. RUBBISH ACT CALLED CIVILIZATION DAZZOL!!!!

  28. Abeg make I hear word..y e be say na for only naija all diz kin of madness dey happen…da woman be ready to wlcm Mike coz ur children will be d next victim…

  29. Is true those gals re a disgrace to womanhood nd d guy too is sumtin i cnt even explain…stil i dnt see any reason fr him to be arrested. .those gals re full grown adults..d reason dey accepted to be chained is bst known to dem.

  30. They just spoil the girls’ business for this recession. No problem then can still do it for America

  31. Diz woman kemi z trying to get attention i dnt lyk something z wrong wif her upstairs

  32. if he wanna help them he could ve employ them in his club as attendants instead of putting them on a dog chain. yes u leashed kids in abroad but they r kids when u take them to a festival where d crowd is something else so I can ‘ve control over them.. that is dehumanizing. if they do that to ur girls will u be happy? cos it’s another’s woman daughters it’s ok. and ur conclusion is they did not force them waooo.. cos people support bad morals from the so called rich that’s d reason d country is where it is today..