Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Kaffy’s Husband Celebrates His Wife With Sweet Words

Kaffy’s Husband Celebrates His Wife With Sweet Words



Kaffy’s husband and music producer, Papi J took to his Instagram page to share a photo of himself with his wife and wrote some sweet words to describe her in the caption of the photo.

Read his caption below:

“When you talk about a virtues woman this is exactly who you are referring to. Words cannot explain how much you mean to me, the only woman in the world that can tolerate all my BS and still call me baby with all the love in your eyes. I won’t be where I am if you didn’t kill yourself to make sure my dreams come to life. I celebrate you, I thank YHVH for giving you to me because you are a gift from above. Look at the two adorable Lil J and Lil hoodie k that you gave me. The way they are growing up fast and beautiful is just a reflection of how you are. Like I said before, words have failed me at this point… I love you to death and I appreciate every day that you bear my name… @kaffydance”



  1. They have come again, they will not keep private matter private. Like Dr. Michael Okpara ,(premier of old eastern region) used to say, ” first fool no bi fool, second fool na proper foolish” a word is enough for the wise celebrity.

  2. Better be careful else someone will start to yeye your wife or husband…. Tiwa saga is still ongoing. Keep your affairs private.

  3. Make una enjoy marriage, make una marriage no dey like Tiwa Savage marriage oooooo. Marriage no easy ooooooo, if not 4 God men no go marry. Women are unnecessary evil, sorry to say this. If a man finds a wife, God almighty has given him everything in life, that’s what my bible says. Tiwa should emulate Omotola on how she manages her husband and fame. Abi, Tiwa fyne pass Omotola?, why all these my husband is this, my husband is that. Even pastor Adeboye dey fight with his wife 4 house no noise. The lion of Bouldillion self dey fight with Remi, but we never hear am on social media. No home is smooth, husbands and wives fight every day, but they are meant to compliment each other. My husband took my money are all bull-shits. We take our wives money every time, and when our wives take our monies, no problems. When you see a well brought up child, you’ll definitely know. Late Awolowo left billions for his female children, at no point did they dis-respect their husbands. Abeggy, make we hear word. Make una no add the pains we are suffering under this technically and inclusive APC government we are observing. Yeye things, smiling things (Fela Kuti), yansh full every where, you won kill yourself with one leepa with big eyes.


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