Art & Humour Justin Irabor Hilariously Illustrates The Hats Nigerians Wear…

Justin Irabor Hilariously Illustrates The Hats Nigerians Wear…


Three months ago, we gushed about the comedy chops of Nigeria-born comic artiste, Justin Irabor,the brilliant mind behind Obaranda, and how he had made a niche for himself with his hilarious comic strips – well, he might just have made his funniest comic strip yet.

His Stereotypicap comic strip hilariously illustrates the hats Nigerians wear and what they say about them – and the satire is as sharp as fans of Obaranda have come to expect from Justin.

(Photo: Obaranda)
(Photo: Obaranda)

From the not-so-subtle shade flawlessly thrown at Nigeria’s former and current president to the apt description of the wicked Nollywood brother stereotype – honestly, every joke lands.

Obaranda is undeniably a treasure trove of comedic riches for everyone – not only Nigerians – and each week when a new comic drops, Justin proves he is one of the funniest Nigerians we have.


(Photo: Obaranda)
(Photo: Obaranda)

Check out more of Justin’s comics by visiting his website.