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Justin Bieber Speaks On Fame, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner And More in New Interview



21-year-old pop star, Justin Bieber covers the latest issue of Billboard magazine for November. The singer was interviewed by the magazine, where he talks about growing up in the spotlight and how fame almost ruined him. He also opens up about his faith, affection for Selena Gomez, leaked nudes and more.

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On hating some of his own music;

“It’s hard to make meaningful songs that make you want to dance because it can come off cheesy. In the past I’ve recorded songs that I didn’t like, that I wouldn’t listen to, that the label was telling me to record. I’m self-expressing with this album.”


On his nude-photos scandal and his dad’s comments;

“I do feel the photo was an invasion of my privacy. I felt super violated. My dad made light of it, but I don’t think that’s sick and twisted. It was funny. Dads are going to be dads.”


On growing up in the spotlight;

“I wouldn’t suggest being a child star. It’s the toughest thing in the world. Like Kylie [Jenner]. Look at her world: She has been living on TV since she was a kid. Every time she’s looking around she sees a camera, and that’s affecting how she’s thinking and how she’s perceiving people and why she has to do certain things . . . Situations that happen taint your mind, especially in this industry.”


On how he will always love Selena Gomez;

“I’m proud of the woman she is today. When you love someone that much, even if something comes between you, it’s a love that never really dies.”


On how he’s trying to change;

“Enough with the Justin Bieber Show. I want to veer away from the self-centered attitude. I’m just focused on the people who have been there since the start, on people who are taking the journey now. I want them to feel like we’re doing this together.”



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