Art & Humour This young boy actually posted this on Facebook

This young boy actually posted this on Facebook


Train your child the way they should grow, and when they grow old they won’t depart from it.

So says the bible, but it’s either the parent didn’t try enough or this boy just wouldn’t listen.

Below is a photo of this young man we stumbled on.. He happily shared the photo on Facebook, and he doesn’t seem to care whatsoever.



  1. I can smell 100% illiterates in the future… thank God we gonna have less competition for jobs in d nearest future. Illiterates that can post on fb… Speak good English on fb… While u get to meet the. In real life….. Omo… Nah Disasterous ENGLISH

  2. Things people will do, thinking that social media popularity can give them reality a shame when one doesn’t believe in himself. #Waves

  3. This is abnormality driving to become an uncle to sanity. Mehhhn I just strongly believe… some nut is missing in his skull.

  4. Did u just say grown man,,,with this little tiny thing in his pant his trying to show off…This one need deliverance

  5. That’s wen u should know his family witchcraft re smoking Indian helm on his head

  6. If na babe did this now Una go de call am sexy,what’s the different between this and bikini..well ladies re meant for this madness not u guy

  7. Future generation is what I call”d black generation” by 2020,dis kind of post will bcom popular.. Wia ar we heading to?is It nt beta we go bk?

  8. Dats d yr 2020 style in progress…. Lol…… He just fast forward reach him level of insolence.

  9. I dnt knw y gist reel post rubbish…i only like this page..coz i think dey are unique..but no..dey are just im going to unlike dis useless page..mtchewww

  10. Seriously, I don’t blame d guy after all women are doing it. End time… In no distant time both men and women will start going complete naked.

  11. Some of you speaking I’ll of this boy are far worse than him… Especially girls.. I’m not saying this dude is doing the right thing.. I’m only saying we need to minimize the rate at which we rain abuse on people… But this guy d mad sha….. No b say the pant fine sef….


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