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Jim Iyke Shares His View On Fatherhood, New Photos Of His New-Norn Son!


Jim Iyke, who welcomed a son, Dubem Harvis, few weeks ago with his British girlfriend, shared these photos and this note about fatherhood.



A few weeks ago I recall kissing your mom’s sweaty brows as I encouraged Her to push and push harder intermittently.

I recall her growing weaker by the minute, her fingers clutching my shoulders in a death grip, her intense green eyes staring deep into my core with that singular resolve only women in labor possess.

I asked Doc Crawford for the honour of pulling you out of your mom which she granted without wasting a heartbeat and also gave me the charge of cutting the umbilical cord.

You see against every ethos of her practice she sensed a higher purpose beyond this realm; a symbolic need for me to perform this final task to weld you and I, father and son, into one single entity.

I have a propensity for nicknames son. I’ve pretty much covertly or overtly nicknamed everything in my life. Family, friends, biz colleagues ; everything. Your mom is Supergirl. Well now Superwoman. I promise you by no stretch is her nickname far fetched.

She’s the combination of great looks, brains, grace and sheer guts! She’s got more balls let alone mental strength, than most men I know; present company included.

I’ll save the story of her commitment and dedication on this journey for perhaps another day lol. I don’t know where our path will take us tomorrow but it had to be her. It was predestined to be.

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The finest poets and wordsmiths has written all there is to write about a father’s love for a son. My oratorical or literal prowess can never match theirs no matter how hard I try now or later. But no one alive or dead can or will match what I hold in my heart.

My propensity and strength is in my heart son. Always have been. Many times when events and words fail me my heart lifts me with the weight of its content.

You see I have witnessed Jehovah’s greatest Miracle.
My love for you is in the moment that froze as I held you in my hands for the first time and I thought my heart had stopped beating. It’s in the pride as people swoon over you in public places, gushing about how utterly beautiful you are. I’ve googled everything from how to change diapers to how to soothe you to sleep. Yes we have become apt and true disciples of Google lol.


In the event Google fails there’s that personification of patience, wisdom, and sardonic humor named Stephen, your Granddad. You would have loved Grandma ,Gladys, till your mom and I grow jealous. Nonetheless I can’t wait to regal you with stories of not how she passed but how she lived. She was/is a living breathing conduit of love. She was a live wire of emotions. I miss her every second son. She was the greatest woman alive. Truly one of God’s masterpieces. God heard her repeated prayers and sent you to me. I know she’s smiling now. Thank you mom. I know you had a hand in this somehow. Don’t worry anymore my love, your Ikechukwu is fine now.

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The accolades, the milestones, the victories and blessings, the dysfunctional relationships of late( especially those lol) all pale in comparison to you Dubem. You are the reason I have waited this long. This is the juncture that God created for you and I. The timing couldn’t have been better. The blessing couldn’t have been more wholesome, profound. The ‘Omugo’ Gladys would have lovingly taken charge of wasn’t possible for obvious reasons. So we adapted. We persevered.

We prayed hard and I can happily say the resources of the mind is limitless for those who put their mind to it. As for the other side, I honestly wish I find their affairs as remotely interesting as they find mine. Since Harvis birth I’ve grown even more impervious to the drama. All the bigoted remarks means zilch to me. They’re like voices at sea; inscrutable, indecipherable, Unfathomable.

It’s a skill I’ve honed to its finest. A skill I intend to teach you to the hilt. I’m a proponent of positive vibes. Positive people.”



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