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Jealous Girlfriend Renders Partner Blind After Pouring Acid On Him (photos)



Daniel-RotariuDaniel Rotariu, a 31 year old man has been rendered blind after his jealous girlfriend attempted to kill him by pouring acid on him while he slept.

“Jealous” Katie Leong, 52, committed the offence at their home in Tuner Road, Leicester last July.

Durig trial, Katie attempted to incriminate her ex-partner for the “brutal” assault,but former boyfriend Mark Cummings was found not guilty by a jury.

Rotariu said he began his relationship with Leong in December 2015.

He said the couple argued frequently and recounted how she forced him to delete Facebook from his phone in an act of jealousy and wanted him to get a tattoo of her name to prove his love.

Jurors were told that on the day of the attack, he had argued with Leong during the day and went to bed at about 8pm, only to be woken in the middle of the night by a “burning” feeling.

Rotariu said he saw a “silhouette” in the room before he lost his sight, but was unsure who the person was.

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