Entertainment News Celebrity Gist J Martins Reacts To The Bad State Of Nigerian Economy

J Martins Reacts To The Bad State Of Nigerian Economy



Singer J Martins reacted to the bad state of Nigerian economy in a lengthy post via his official Instagram page. The singer revealed in the post he shared that he has spent 9 times more than he had budgeted for in three months with no corresponding increase in his income.

Read his full post below;

“Ladies & gentlemen of the Federal Republic, complaining about the present situation of things in the country doesn’t make one anti-Buhari/APC or pro-GEJ/PDP. For all you partisan voltrons, not everyone is into your hypocracy filled pontifications of party ideology, cause in all honesty, you people have none. Many of us just want light, fuel, friendly business clime, better health, agriculture & educational infrastructures, and a better country, generally. I’m willing to give the government time to correct things, but the government has to give me a timeline, the wait can not be endless. Kindly give us a timetable. We have seen many that never came to fruition, but just give us schedule to work with please. I’ve spent almost 9 times my planned budget for 3 months in 2 weeks, with no corresponding increase in income. If I’m expected to act like its absolutely normal and keep mum for fear of being branded anti-Buhari, or a wailer. Hell NO!, I won’t.”



  1. @GistReel Every wise entertainer should react,it’s lack of sanity that encourages them to be hip hoping @ a time as this

  2. I could Remember u J martins Also Campaigned For Change with it Music… So Y complain now? That’s I love Psquare more! All the artists that campaigned For that Change, non of them Performed on May 29th it was Psquare that didn’t even Care… Pls Learn From them They are Wiser and the most talented and Blessed. So Let’s Join Hands and enjoy this Change Pls I Beg You…


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