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Over the years I have been a victim of ‘internet love’, actually I wouldn’t say victim as I am very observant and not looking for yeye love, apologies to those who have found love over the internet. Anyways, there is one guy who caught my eye and I decided to respond to his facebook messages.

Below is our conversation:






He rang me on August 18 in the early hours of my birthday, stating “Am on my way to China, will be in London next week” and a sleepy me relied “Okay”.

He said China, excuse me I thought he was going to Indonesia.






Now this unorthodox encounter was last year, but while surfing the net I came across this article which was identical to my conversation with James only it was with an Asian lady, (http://mynameisasina.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/kencan-online.html) her conversation going in an opposite direction but just like mine, after a while no more contact.

Is it acceptable to message random peeps online, in favor of friendship, love, money etc?
Why in this day an age do certain people still think its okay to pretend to be someone else?

Am not stereotyping here because ladies do it also but like I’ve been told my mind is mindless, so help me answer this question, Is love an absent minded word?

– Mindless Mind


  1. Who can u trust? Nobody. Ow re u so sure dat he is not even married. He might be or not. One jst can’t go ahead and fall in love wit smone u jst met on INTERNET. Meet first and knw wot next. Oh! And take someone wit u. TRUST..

  2. Such is life. One jst needs to be very careful. Trust no one. Y is it dt pple hve dis myopic sense of reasoning tinkn dt evry1 in jand is rich!Dey rily 2 get ova demselves.


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