Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Inside Michael Jackson’s Death Room: Drugs, a Bloodied Shirt (Photos)

Inside Michael Jackson’s Death Room: Drugs, a Bloodied Shirt (Photos)


Inside Michael Jackson's Death Room: Drugs, a Bloodied Shirt (Photos)

New images show how late Michael Jackson spent his final hours in the ‘squalid lifestyle of a drug addict, authors have claimed.

The photos obtained by Radar show drugs, a bloodied shirt, and a bizarre shrine to babies on his bedroom dresser.

Authors Mark Langhorne and Matt Richard detail the King of Pop’s last moments before he was pronounced dead on June 25, 2009 in their book ’83 Minutes: The Doctor, The Damage, and the Shocking Death of Michael Jackson’.

According to Radar, the authors detail the pill bottles, oxygen tanks and medical supplies litered around the bedroom of the singer’s Holmby Hills mansion in Los Angeles.

“Tables were strewn with medical paraphernalia such as vials of drugs, syringes and tubes,” the authors revealed.

“Plastic bags, scattered on tops of chairs and tabletops, contained latex gloves, creams and saline bags.”

The authors also revealed the bedroom “smelled terribly” because Michael refused to allow cleaners access to the room.

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