Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Ini Edo Replies Fan Who Called Her An Irresponsible Woman With Menopause

Ini Edo Replies Fan Who Called Her An Irresponsible Woman With Menopause


Ini Edo Replies Fan Who Called Her An Irresponsible Woman With MenopauseTruth be told, Celebrities get tons of hate mails/message and comments on a daily basis.

Apparently, it take one hurtful comment to touch a nerve that elicits a response from a celebrity.

It’s no different for Nollywood Actress, Ini Edo, as she yesterday on instagram posted a picture of herself in a lounge which is rumored to be hers.

She captioned the photo:


A fan or probably an enemy of the actress left a rather harsh comment on the picture, she said:

Lounge Owner! Only irresponsible female run such business. Go trace ur steps or you will continue failing in all marriages u get into.. Menopause is now 40… Just saying

The comment of Sarah got to Ini Edo as she was ready for her and left a response:

@sarahofulayi one can’t help but feel sorry for you. Untill your opinion can pay bills, stuff it. Sad woman….

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  1. my best actress.luv u I ido.that sarah is jus an envious flozzie sad to tha core.keep rolling gal

  2. Go girl, nothing do you, jus dey do ur thing, people will always tlk u both in gud n in bad times

  3. Not all will always appreciate what someone does….always learnt to do what pleases you and follow your heart cauze u know yourself better…love u baby gal!!

  4. Dats good..pple only know how to insult celebrities. Ini Edo..lots of love baby. .ur sunrise is coming now.


  6. Sarah or what ever her name is, is jealous of lni. Haha am just surprise that some people can be jealous of u even when they don’t no u. Just imagine what a woman can say to her follow woman, without thinking about it before saying it? So shameless an too low for such a useless an stupid woman. If u r a man I can say that maybe, becos u can’t get her. That, u use such world out of annoyance. But been a woman to use such world to her follow women am ashamed of u. Ur a disgrace to woman hood. Anyways, am happy lni is a very busy person who can not com to u tomorrow for food. So I will advise u to try to get ur ass busy an stop being jealous an a street gusip. Sad women, that is whom u really r. So get serous on something, so that u will not be sad till the rest of ur life, for is not too late to change the early the bater. Sad woman sorry for u.

  7. @Sarahnonsense! U re only expressing your low self esteem in the public. Ini Edo’s success will give you sadness nd d failure dat u deserve. Hypocrite!

  8. Jesus Christ is here if you want a child just tach your stomac and say in the name of Jesus Christ ,i want a childO:-) amen if you believe in your heart you will see..

  9. Lol,Sumone said Ini Edo ‘worked hard’…I’m no hater,buh why shud U attribute ‘sleeping with producers to get top roles’ to ‘hardwork’.Dey are completely different.#noHating…just saying

  10. Congrats ini Edo proud of u Sarah who says only men own lounge Shame on u ini make d shit out of money move U gal

  11. Anyways, Mr kasco I can’t step low for ur tip, if not I would hav commented on ur comments. In fact it useless talking to u becos u makes no sense at all.

  12. They r radio without battery n beside, they like showing their lazy mouth weneva dey feel like talking evil…. Gather their talk to dumpsite plz go ahead wit ur acting

  13. Jeremih kayembe why are u talking rubish if u dont know what to comment just shotup ur stupid mouth

  14. Forgive her INI Edo.The girl is suffering from high level depression. Don’t allow her Rob her multiplied frustration on you.Bugadash!!!

  15. Ini my luv ,Sarah was sent by evil messengers but u have overcome her,God is by ur side,move on dear

  16. Sweet bae ini u dnt need to give a shit abut wah de say jxt keep movin high.lots of pple love u and to u sarah cmon dnt be a bizzybody; GET A LIFE!!!!

  17. Na wah.Sarah or what do,they call you. How could be so callous and wicked to make such a comment.I pray God forgives you.

  18. Ini Edo love…pls dnt mind d woman dat insulted u….she practically described herself to d public indirectly……..its a free world anywayz…its nt her fault..if she were to b a celebrity…her case would be a diffrent story

  19. That reply is definitely out of the world! No time! Just drop a short but sensible reply! Love you Ini

  20. Go girl! My bestie just keep goin with ur head up.. Haters can take a quick ride 2 hell… More love ini

  21. is better to stay alone dan to stay wit the wrong person, make una leave the babe, she must have gone tru alot

  22. @kasco leave her alone even wit ur Bsc they stil want to sleep with u bf the give u job, so let her be


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