Viral News Indonesia Executes 3 Out Of 6 Nigerians Placed on Death Row For...

Indonesia Executes 3 Out Of 6 Nigerians Placed on Death Row For Drug Trafficking



Yesterday, we reported the case of 6 Nigerians who were to be executed by firing squad for drug trafficking. 2 out of the 6 Nigerians, alongside one Senegalese and one Indonesian have been executed, the country’s deputy attorney general said.

Noor Rachmad, Attorney General for general crimes told reporters that they were shot by firing squad at the Nusa Kambangan penal island shortly after midnight (Indonesian time) amid pouring rain and that authorities have not decided when 10 other prisoners will be executed.

“The executions were for now conducted on four convicts on death row.

This is not a fun job. For us, this is really a sad job because it involves people’s lives.

This was done not in order to take lives but to stop evil intentions, and the evil act of drug trafficking,” Rachmad said.

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Executed were two Nigerians, one Senegalese and one Indonesian, CNN reported. Petitions to review their cases had been denied.

One of the Nigerians was Humphrey Jefferson Ejike, who was unjustly killed, according to his legal team.

“At this stage, we can only say that we are extremely disappointed with the fact that Jeff was executed,” said Raynov Tumorang by text message. “The government does not respect the ongoing legal process on Jeff’s case.”

“There is strong evidence of torture and he was not given a fair trial. Racism towards our client can be seen in the court decision.”

Cheikh Niang, Senegal’s ambassador to Japan, who also oversees Indonesia, told CNN that the executed Senegalese prisoner was in fact from Nigeria but had traveled to Indonesia on a fake passport.

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He said he visited the prisoner on March 15 and informed the Indonesian authorities.

Source: CNN
Photo Credit: Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images



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