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“I’m at war” – 20-year-old Upcoming Nigerian artiste writes hours before he’s found dead a day after releasing his song



"I'm at war" - 20-year-old Upcoming Nigerian artiste writes hours before he's found dead 1 day after releasing his songA Nigerian upcoming artiste Johnny Creed reportedly committed suicide on Sunday, December 3rd in Enugu state, a day after he released his latest single. But the circumstances surrounding his death is quite questionable.

Hours before his death, Johnny Creed, 20, shared a post on Facebook advertising his latest single titled “Snapchat”. After that, he also shared a mysterious post which many people now feel holds the answer to his death.

“I’m at war,” his last post reads.

According to a friend, he was found in a pool of his blood with a knife in one hand on Sunday afternoon. The friend said he came back from church to find Johnny’s lifeless body.

The friend wrote:

” I’ve been seeing posts of suicide I never believed it until today, This my close friend just committed suicide, I’m in pains. I noticed this suspicious movement early this morning when he said he was not going to church today, we usually go together! All for me to come back home and see him dead with knife on his hand, and blood all over; He stabbed himself and bled to death, his name is Johnny creed, an upcoming artist he even released a song yesterday.”

In spite of his friend’s testimony, some people still thinks there’s more to Johnny’s death. Some questioned how he would stab himself then remove the knife to hold it in his hand before his death, others said he must have been murdered and the weapon was planted on him.

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And some people feels he is not dead that the suicide story is all a plot to make his music popular.

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