Entertainment News ‘I’m Not Missing Him’ – Steph-Nora Okere Talks Relationship With Jim Lyke!

‘I’m Not Missing Him’ – Steph-Nora Okere Talks Relationship With Jim Lyke!


Nollywood actress, Steph-Nora Okere who has been away from radar lately has declared that she’s not missing her ex-boyfriend , Jim Iyke.

The star actress who had a tumotous relationship with the Nollywood bad boy in an recent interview with Vanguard affirmed that she does not have any plan of going into another rleationship anytime soon.

Asked how she’s copping after breaking up with Jim, the actress said, “Is it possible to live my life away from Jim Iyke? He wasn’t the first person I dated in life.  I want to be mute regarding this issue. He has never talked about me anywhere. We have an understanding and I don’t want to break it again.

On if he still miss Jim, she responded, “I don’t hate him.”

On her why her marriage to Lanre Falana did not last. She said, ”I was never married but I was involved in a marriage process which got truncated along the line. Marriage begins with  paying the woman’s dowry,  traditional and white wedding.

All these did not take place. My family didn’t support marrying a man who kept one woman in one place and plans keeping another one in another place.

I  attend Catholic church and the  marriage process in Catholic, begins with the intended couples tendering a marriage certificate issued by a court to the church. This was the main reason we were in court in the first place.




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